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What Kinds of Classes Will I Take in a Criminal Justice Degree Program?

What Kinds of Classes Will I Take in a Criminal Justice Degree Program?

During a criminal justice degree program, you can expect to take a variety of courses that will set the foundation for understanding the justice system and the role of law enforcement. Whether you are focused on law enforcement, forensics or criminal justice administration, most students will take classes in these subjects and other relevant topics. Some common classes that criminal justice students take are foundations of criminal justice, criminology, contemporary issues in criminal justice, criminal law, criminal procedure and organizational behavior and management. During these classes, students will learn about serving and protecting the public, as well as understanding crime and developing ways to prevent it.

Depending on your degree level, you may have general criminal justice courses or more advanced courses that focus on deeper criminal issues. In the beginning stages of a criminal justice degree program, students will receive a general introduction to the justice system. They will likely have lessons in management, behavioral sciences, forensics, terrorism and intelligence. During the middle of a criminal justice degree program, students will begin to focus on the latest comprehensive and contemporary methods of handling administrative, intelligence and cultural diversity issues present in today’s society. During the latter half of your criminal justice degree program or in a graduate degree program, students will often take classes in leadership and psychology. Class topics may include law, forensic sciences, homeland security and public safety. Criminal justice classes have a human-connection that focuses on managing and mentoring people of all ages and backgrounds. Each class will have a strong emphasis on law, because all criminal justice professions enforce laws in some shape and form. Student will also study law enforcement, the courts and corrections as it relates to the adult and juvenile justice system. There will also be a big emphasis on current or future trends of crime, as well as research methodology and management. Criminal justice classes will provide you with applicable life and professional skills that can be put towards virtually any job or situation. In order to find an online criminal justice program that fits your personal and financial needs, check an online database, like Online Education Database (OEDb), which reviews about 1,041 programs from 88 accredited online colleges. Here, you review top online colleges and their criminal justice curriculums.

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