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Becoming a Coast Guard officer: How to become a Coast Guard Officer

Because the U.S. Coast Guard is such a highly specialized force, official training is required. Those who want to become a part of the Coast Guard may wish to enter the Coast Guard Academy after high school, finish Officer Candidate School or participate in one of the Direct Commissioning Programs. A degree from a four-year university is not necessarily required.

Top Schools Offering Coast Guard Officer Degree Programs:

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Degree Requirements to become a Coast Guard Officer:

If you do wish to enroll in the Coast Guard Academy, you will be trained in nautical science, seamanship, leadership and law enforcement. Getting into the Coast Guard Academy is competitive, so having a strong high school record is advisable. Graduates of the Coast Guard Academy are required to serve a minimum of three years.

Duties of a Coast Guard Officer: What are the duties / traits of a successful Coast Guard Officer?

Coast Guard officers have a variety of duties. From stopping illegal immigrants at the border to rescuing boaters and swimmers to confiscating illegal drugs and weapons to responding to oil spills, the Coast Guard is often called in for a number of emergencies. Missions can be completed on small boats, helicopters and other aircraft, or on large ships.

Coast Guard Officer Salary: How much does a Coast Guard officer make?

The salary range for Coast Guard officers ranges depending on your exact position. Training managers can earn up to $85,000 while officers can earn around $42,000 to $45,000.