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Becoming a Computer Forensics Consultant: How to become a Computer Forensics Specialist

Computer forensics is still a relatively new field. There are, however, different academic programs and professional certifications that can give you the experience you need to apply for a position in this field. You may need to design your own college program, mixing and combining various training courses and specialty internships.



Top Schools Offering Computer Forensics Degree Programs:

The links below will allow you to request free enrollment information directly from top national schools that offer a Computer Forensics degree program:

American Intercontinental University - With a top notch criminal justice financial aid program and military degree program, American Intercontinental University online is a top rated criminal justice college.
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Kaplan University
Kaplan University - With a criminal justice degree from Kaplan University, students will have a solid background in the field of criminal justice and be prepared for a variety of career options.
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Colorado Technical University
Colorado Technical University - The wide variety of criminal justice courses and flexible time schedules make Colorado Tech a top rated criminal justice school for working adults needing a flexible learning schedule.
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Degree Requirements to become a Computer Forensics Specialist:

If your college or university offers a degree in Computer Forensics, majoring in that program would obviously be the best choice. Otherwise, you may need to pick and choose classes in criminal justice, criminal psychology, computer science, electronics, electrical engineering, cybersecurity, law enforcement, homeland security digital forensics, Internet culture and more. There are also a multitude of training programs available online that will introduce you to topics in technology, Internet crimes, high tech crimes, fraud, cybercrime and white collar crime.

Duties of a Computer Forensics Specialist: What are the duties / traits of a successful Computer Forensics Specialist?

Computer forensic specialists can be employed in a variety of environments, including government agencies, consulting firms and business corporations. From investigating cyberterrorism and homeland security issues to helping lawyers prosecute child molesters to preventing computer hacking, these professionals can find a niche that satisfies their specific interests within the field. Computer forensic specialists need to have an extensive knowledge of many different types of computers, networks, security systems, hacking trends, national and local laws, and more.

Computer Forensics Salary: How much does a Computer Forensics Specialist make?

Typically, computer security consultants make the most money, averaging between $85,000 and $120,000. Other computer forensics specialists who work in law enforcement will usually earn less, though these professionals are very in-demand right now.