Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator: How to become a Crime Scene Investigator

Crime scene investigators are trained to examine the evidence and elements that comprise the scene of a murder, robbery, rape, or other crime. To become a crime scene investigator, you will need to be an experienced police officer who receives specific professional training. If you aren’t already a police officer, you will need to have at least a college degree.


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Top Schools Offering Crime Scene Investigation Degree Programs:

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Degree Requirements to become a Crime Scene Investigator:

Most crime scene investigator jobs require applicants to have a thorough understanding of the natural and physical sciences, like biology or chemistry. If your school doesn’t offer a crime scene investigation degree, you can design your own program based on classes in these sciences, as well as social or criminal psychology and criminal justice. This mix of courses will prepare you for work that requires you to apply your technical scientific knowledge to a crime scene.

Duties of a Crime Scene Investigator: What are the duties / traits of a successful crime scene investigator?

Crime scene investigators evaluate an entire crime scene and produce reports of the scene that are used by police officers and lawyers to find suspects, interview witnesses and build a case. Investigators will also need to find evidence, be present at an autopsy and perhaps even explain to a judge or jury the details of the crime scene report. The work environment of a crime scene investigator varies greatly: you may be needed on the scene of a burglary, a murder, or a rape, and then need to consult with lawyers, medical examiners, and police officers and understand the exact policies and legal processes of the precinct or court you work with.

Crime Scene Investigator Salary: How much does a crime scene investigator make?

Depending on your previous academic and professional experience, you can earn between $20,000 – $50,000. This amount also varies on your geographical location and the need for crime scene investigators.