Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Becoming a Forensic Scientist: How to become a Forensic Scientist

To become a forensic scientist or a forensic science technician, you will need to earn at least a Bachelor’s degree. Depending on the position you apply for, you may also need to have previous work experience in a crime lab or other scientific lab. Forensic scientists also need to have good writing skills in addition to their scientific and technical expertise, because they often need to prepare and present reports on their findings.


Top Schools Offering Forensic Scientist Degree Programs:

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Colorado Technical University
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Degree Requirements to become a Forensic Scientist:

Bachelor’s degree programs that would be useful to someone pursuing a career in forensic science include biology, chemistry, forensic science (if it is offered), physical science or any other natural science program. If your school does not offer a specific forensic science degree, you may want to supplement your science curriculum with classes in criminal justice, the U.S. court system, anthropology, toxicology, or communications. These classes will make you a more specialized candidate for a job in forensic science.

Duties of a Forensic Scientist: What are the duties / traits of a successful forensic scientist?

Forensic scientists and forensic science technicians manage physical evidence from a crime scene. They are often needed at the crime scene and in a lab in order to analyze DNA, hair samples, fingerprints, bullets and other weapons, medicines and toxins, and more. After evaluating all of this data, forensic scientists need to organize a report to present to police officers or lawyers.

Forensic Scientist Salary: How much does a Forensic Scientist make?

Entry-level forensic scientists can earn around $30,000 – $35,000, depending on their previous lab experience. The average salary for this career falls between $37,500 and $45,300.