Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Becoming an INS Agent: How to become an INS Agent

INS agents, or ICE agents, need at least a Bachelor’s degree before applying to a training program. Agents must also be U.S. citizens who have lived in the country for at least five years. Applicants aged 40 and over will not be considered.

Top Schools Offering INS Agent Degree Programs:

The links below will allow you to request free enrollment information directly from top national schools that offer a INS Agent degree program:

American Intercontinental University - With a top notch criminal justice financial aid program and military degree program, American Intercontinental University online is a top rated criminal justice college.
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Kaplan University
Kaplan University - With a criminal justice degree from Kaplan University, students will have a solid background in the field of criminal justice and be prepared for a variety of career options.
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Colorado Technical University
Colorado Technical University - The wide variety of criminal justice courses and flexible time schedules make Colorado Tech a top rated criminal justice school for working adults needing a flexible learning schedule.
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Degree Requirements to become an INS Agent:

Though there is not a specific degree requirement to become an INS agent, the completion in a related field like homeland security or criminal justice is preferred. In these programs, students will learn about immigration laws and policies, racial and ethnic issues, social psychology, and national security and homeland security policies. Depending on your school, you may also be allowed to concentrate in a specific area, like terrorism or even law enforcement.

Duties of an INS Agent: What are the duties / traits of a successful INS Agent?

INS or ICE agents are responsible for a number of duties. These professionals monitor customs checkpoints, immigration laws and enforcement, and counterrorism policies on commercial airlines. If you are hired as an INS agent, you will need to make sure that drugs, weapons and other illegal items or persons do not enter the United States.

INS Agent Salary: How much does an INS Agent make?

Depending on exactly where you work, you may be able to earn between $47,791. and $61,671. If you have a specialized degree or a graduate degree, you may be eligible to earn even more.