Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Becoming a Law Enforcement Officer: How to become a Law Enforcement Officer

There are many different career options for someone interested in law enforcement, and the job requirements for each individual position vary. To become a police officer, security guard, prison guard or patrol officer, you may or may not need to complete a four-year college program. Most jobs will require you to have at least a high school diploma, however.



Top Schools Offering Law Enforcement Officer Degree Programs:

The links below will allow you to request free enrollment information directly from top national schools that offer a Law Enforcement Officer degree program:

American Intercontinental University - With a top notch criminal justice financial aid program and military degree program, American Intercontinental University online is a top rated criminal justice college.
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Kaplan University
Kaplan University - With a criminal justice degree from Kaplan University, students will have a solid background in the field of criminal justice and be prepared for a variety of career options.
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Colorado Technical University
Colorado Technical University - The wide variety of criminal justice courses and flexible time schedules make Colorado Tech a top rated criminal justice school for working adults needing a flexible learning schedule.
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Degree Requirements to become a Law Enforcement:

If you choose to go to college before entering a training program in law enforcement, you can earn an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in an area like criminal justice. Other options or concentrations include law enforcement, corrections, forensic science, criminal psychology, or computer security, depending on your interests and career aspirations. In these classes, you will learn how the U.S. criminal justice system operates, how to communicate with lawyers and other law enforcement officials by using appropriate legal terminology, and understand the issues that affect criminal behavior.

Duties of a Law Enforcement Officer: What are the duties / traits of a successful law enforcement officer?

Depending on your exact position, you may need to conduct surveillance, make arrests and raids, interview witnesses, escort prisoners to and from court, monitor the patrons and surroundings of a shopping mall and enforce local, state and/or national laws. You will also need to be able and ready to work with other law enforcement officials and lawyers. Law enforcement officers need to have good communications skills and need to be in good physical health.

Law Enforcement Salary: How much does a law enforcement officer make?

Because there are so many different jobs available for law enforcement officers, there is also a range in salary level. Correction officers may earn around $31,000 – $32,000 a year, while higher level police officers and supervisors can earn close to $90,000 a year.