Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Becoming a U.S. Marshal: How to become a U.S. Marshal

To become a United States Marshal, you must qualify in a number of areas. You must be between the ages of 21 and 36 years old, have a valid driver’s license and pass a background check. U.S. Marshals also need to have a Bachelor’s degree or at least three years of work or educational experience that is approved by the agency.

Top Schools Offering U.S. Marshal Degree Programs:

The links below will allow you to request enrollment information from top national schools that offer a US Marshal degree program:

American Intercontinental University - With a top notch criminal justice financial aid program and military degree program, American Intercontinental University online is a top rated criminal justice college.
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Kaplan University
Kaplan University - With a criminal justice degree from Kaplan University, students will have a solid background in the field of criminal justice and be prepared for a variety of career options.
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Colorado Technical University
Colorado Technical University - The wide variety of criminal justice courses and flexible time schedules make Colorado Tech a top rated criminal justice school for working adults needing a flexible learning schedule.
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Degree Requirements to become a U.S. Marshal:

Degree programs for U.S. Marshals include homeland security, criminal justice, or law enforcement. By completing one of these programs, you will learn about the policies, laws, psychology and players that define the U.S. criminal justice system and counterrorism efforts. U.S. Marshals will also have to undergo a physical examination and possibly some training before being allowed into the field.

Duties of a U.S. Marshal: What are the duties / traits of a successful U.S. Marshal?

U.S. Marshals are part of a federal law enforcement agency. They are responsible for finding fugitives and bringing them to justice. U.S. Marshals conduct surveillance, make arrests and are often involved in dangerous, highly stressful situations.

U.S. Marshal Salary: How much does a U.S. Marshal make?

U.S. Marshals are hired at different levels, and entry level marshals can expect to earn $27,000 and $34,000 or $31,000 and $39,000, depending on where you live. After you earn more experience, you may be able to earn much more.