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Policy Change Notification

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User Information Policies

Like most websites, we collect user information. That information typically falls under two categories:

1. Submitted Information

Submitted information is volunteered by users upon completing one of our web forms. This is contact information such as name, telephone number, address, and email address that users share in order to be notified about our products and services, as well as to be properly matched to schools or programs. We gather and process this information so we can share it with our relevant partners who offer various education services or products. This helps us tailor our wide database of information about education programs to each individual user.

By volunteering this information, users are allowing, as well as our related schools and business partners, to contact them via phone, email, or mailing address. Such contact will comply with relevant laws.

2. Automatic Information

When users access, our site automatically obtains certain kinds of anonymous data about them. Most websites have similar practices. By collecting this information, we are able to analyze and enhance our user experience in order to create the best website possible. Some types of anonymous data can include your browser version, operating system, and IP address.

Much of this information takes the form of cookies, which are very small data files that a website can store in a user’s web browser. Cookies can be accessed by both the computer user and the website. They anonymously store information from each visit the user makes, allowing our website to provide an evolving user experience tailored to each user’s needs.


Cookies are used for a number of technical purposes. When using cookies, we often collaborate with third-party service providers or vendors to achieve the following aims:

Web analytics – Web analytics allow us to sort and store information about our user demographics in order to allow us to optimize our web presence and analyze our site’s success. We do most of our web analytics through the Google, Inc tool Google Analytics. To read more about how Google Analytics works, consult Google’s own privacy policy at: Google’s privacy policy:

“Lead auditing” – For “lead auditing,” we use data from cookies to confirm that the information being entered on our site is pertinent, valid, and relevant.

Advertising and Marketing – Cookies used for advertising are typically called “third-party cookies” because they involve providing third-party advertisers with information about the interests and demographics of our site users to help them track marketing and conversion, target users with the most relevant ads, and track the effectiveness advertising. By serving more relevant ads, cookies help us improve digital advertising and tailor advertising to each user experience. Third-party cookies are anonymous and contain no personally identifiable data. This protects our users with anonymity.

User Consent

When you use our website, you are assumed to offer full consent to our policies. That includes agreement with the way we gather and store user data and share that data with schools, affiliated companies, and third parties. We share this information to help inform our users about relevant programs or educational services that we or our partner organizations can provide.

You also acknowledge and agree to our right to share our collected information, whether it be personal or not, with partner businesses who perform administrative aid to our business. One example might be an email service delivery company.

When you visit and submit your personal information to, you give us as well as our affiliated entities, such as schools or third-party marketing affiliates and vendors to contact you by telephone, text message, email, or mail. Such messages will provide you with information as well as marketing for educational services and products.

When you submit your personal information, you also grant us, our affiliates and partners, and vendors the option to contact you without the restrictions of the Do Not Call list or other related laws for a period of time. By relinquishing your rights to the Do Not Call list, you exempt us from state and federal laws including Do Not Call requirements and possibly other related laws.

When you submit your personal information, you also grant us the right to share your personal information in the case of some governmental or legal request. You accept that we may need to release your personal information in the case of a subpoena or other legal requirement. We will only exercise such a right in good faith, when we feel it is necessary to protect our rights, safeguard you or others, protect ourselves against possible fraud, or simply comply with a legal or government request. In the case that were to enter any kind of merger, acquisition, or sale of part or all of our company to a third party, we may also use the right to share information with that third party.

Opt-out Options

Opting out of email communication

If you should want to stop receiving emails from us, a school, or another related third-party, you are always free to opt-out. To do so, find the “Unsubscribe” link included every email, and follow the instructions. Once you unsubscribe, you will stop receiving emails from that particular sender.

Opting out of personalized ads

You can choose to generally opt out of receiving personalized digital ads from members of the National Advertising Initiative (NAI), as well as those organizations which abide by the digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles. To do so, simply access the “Opt-Out page” on the NAI website and the DAA website.

Removing cookies

You are able to remove our cookies from your browser whenever you like. Simply go into your browser’s privacy settings and delete them. To ensure no cookies are stored in the future, you may need to do this each time you access the site, rather than on a one time basis.