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Top 10 Financial Blogs for College Students

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Finances and budgeting are important trends to know about and follow for everyone, but it’s very important for college students to be familiar with these concepts, especially when full school work loads don’t leave much time for working. Since many college students are focused solely on school, they are often tight on money, because they aren’t able to work much. The following blogs may be helpful for college students to bookmark for useful information when its comes to their finances:

  1. I Will Teach You to be Rich Here, this Stanford graduate shares his community with tips on how to manage your money and how to save money, and focuses on personal finance for college students and recent grads. The blog also offers a newsletter, diaries of real people and their spending habits, and a number of different scenarios and tips relating to finances for all different types of people.
  2. Grad Money Matters This blog is aimed at helping the younger generation, college students, and recent college grads dealing with budgeting, college loans, and debt. This blogger’s aim is to provide useful tips for those looking for financial advice. The blog offers articles on specific categories such as entrepreneurship, personal finances, credit cards, and much more.
  3. Financial Aid News, Scholorship Updates, and Student Loan Issues This site offers a number of different columns, resources, and categories for college students looking for financial advice. Updated with the most current news and issues about financial aid, the loan process and networks, scholarship opportunities,and monthly newsletters, this blog serves as a very resourceful guide for any college student.
  4. MintLife Blog: Personal Finance News & Advice This blog serves a resource and guide for people and college students looking for ways to better manage their money. It has advice for purchasing cars, getting out of debt, frugal living, and eating cheaply.
  5. Studenomics: Kill Debt. Have More Money Now. Enjoy Life. This blogger, a student, provides economics and finance advice for students as well as for other people of all ages. This blog is complete with information for career advice, credit advice, and setting up your finances. The blog also includes specific blog posts about how to avoid being broke in college and credit cards that can be beneficial to college students.
  6. Poorer than You A blog intended for college student and twenty-something year olds, this site has useful information for those looking into their futures and finances. The blogger is not about getting rich quick, but rather putting college students and young professionals in a better place financially. The topics include savings, budgeting, and financial advice, among others.
  7. Independent Beginnings Here, this blogger offers advice and articles on personal finance, living frugal, budgeting, making money online, independent living for young adults, smart spending, and much more.
  8. College Happenings This blog is about a variety of different categories as they relate to topics college students are interested in. From responsible credit choices, obtaining credit cards, money, and budgeting, and living frugal- this blog has it all.
  9. Broke Grad Student Here, this blogger talks about managing student loan debts, making extra money, college finances, and everything else in between.
  10. Broke Grad Student Here, this blogger talks about managing student loan debts, making extra money, college finances, and everything else in between.