Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

10 Blogs to Help You Through Law School

By Nancy Farrell

Law school can be one of the toughest and most dedicated times of your life. While it can seem a bit overwhelming and prove to be a tough transition, it is important to remember that plenty of people have achieved law school before you, and plenty are also going through the same ordeals and transitions you are. Sometimes, it helps to know what to expect and to collect from former law school students some pointers for time management and advice that can help you along the way. The following blogs are dedicated to helping people get through law school:

  1. What I Learned in Law School This blog is a sort of tell-all about law school and what you can expect out of it. The blogger offers advice for people just thinking about going law school and what to expect and offers things she wished she knew before starting. She also covers her best advice for current law school students and some for what to do after law school as well. This blogger views this blog as a way to "pay it forward."
  2. Legally Challenged This blog is written and dedicated to the blogger’s first year as a law student. The blogger talks about everything law- from eating habits, to studying habits, to writing papers and case briefs. The blog is mostly about the pre-law stage and how deciding to attend law school came about and the preparations and experiences leading up to it.
  3. Law Student This blog is broken into law school categories and includes everything from thinking about law school and admission to graduating and taking the bar exam. This blogger shares how to decide if law school is best for you while offering what must-haves you are going to need and how and what you need to prepare for important exams.
  4. Exhibit L- A Blog on Life, Law, Learning, Laughter, Love & Leisure This blogger talks about her experiences in law school, learning, and having a life in between. The blog entries here offer the blogger’s ordeals and journeys in law school, offers tips and advice on getting out alive and serves as a "coping mechanism" for her in the bumps along the way. She also links to a specific blog dedicated specifically to her first year as a law student.
  5. 1 (year in) L: A First Year Law Student Blog This blog follows the first year of a law student and everything leading up to it. The blogger talks about preparing for law school, moving, finding a place, juggling a long distance 4 year relationship, and many other factors that the normal student will likely face. The blogger throws in her learnings and experiences as her first year unfolds as well.
  6. 0L to 3L: My Journey to & through Law School This blog serves a guide to different students and how they handle their respective 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years as law students. The blog is chalk-full of entries with students going through the law school process, while also detailing the journey of the blogger and her reactions and experiences in her law school journey.
  7. Life of a Law Student This blog is maintained by a couple of different law school students in an effort to provide as much information as possible for law students. Covering everything from first, second, and third year students to helpful resources and links this blog offers a variety of free and useful information to anyone involved with law school is looking for. This blog also offers news and TV clips to try to offer as much as information as possible to every type of potential or current student.
  8. Legal Geekery This blog is maintained and written by several different law students and different schools and in different years of their studies. Aside from offering their tips, advice, and experiences, the bloggers use this blog as a sort of outlet and stress reliever from their hectic law school schedules. The blog, among many other things, also has entries about current events, technology and social networking as it relates to law.
  9. Beyond the Underground This blog is a compilation of entries written by several different types of individuals ranging from first year law students to attorneys in the field. The blog also offers a variety of other blogs, blog entries, links and resources to help, entertain, and discuss anything involving of or with importance to law school.
  10. Vermont Law School- JD Students Law Blog This blog is written and maintained by several students of a law school in Vermont. The blog includes entries written by first, second, and third year students to give advice and pointers for what is expected of each year and how to go about getting it done.