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10 Weirdest and Worst Ads for Lawyers

Love ’em or hate ’em, lawyer ads are simply ridiculous. Whether it’s the overly eager lawyer who promises to "hammer" insurance companies that don’t pay, or the cynical divorce lawyer who can make you lose faith in humanity in 30 seconds, these ads run the gamut from awesomely bad to just plain weird. Check out the 10 weirdest and worst ads for lawyers.

  1. Berger & Green

    If you like explosions and flying cars, then you’ll love Berger and Green’s wacky ad. He’ll help you "get what’s yours," if you’re not too scared to call after watching this.

  2. Jim Adler

    Personal injury lawyer, Jim Adler, is legendary in Texas, but his awesomely bad ads are famous all over. Adler, better known as "The Hammer," has a reputation for yelling and shaking his fist in commercials while using ridiculous phrases you can’t get out of your head.

  3. Bruce Flint

    When all else fails, rap about it! That’s what Dallas lawyer Bruce Flint did, and the rap video came out looking like a crappy version of Grand Theft Auto.

  4. Denvil Crowe

    Bald-headed actor? Check. Flaming background? Check. Tone-deaf singer? You got it! That about sums up this quality ad from attorney Denvil Crowe.

  5. DivorceEZ

    You know when an ad starts off with, "If you and your spouse hate each other like poison," it’s got to be good. This no-nonsense lawyer makes it "EZ" to get out of the "hellhole you call a marriage," all while sounding 100% jaded.

  6. Brian Loncar

    Here’s another personal injury lawyer overdramatizing a commercial for no apparent reason. He might be known as "The Strong Arm" in Texas, but here he just looks like a nutcase who crashes cars for the hell of it.

  7. Bernstein & Maryanoff

    This ad is almost as bad as the fit of Bernstein’s shirt. Before he sues any insurance company, we hope he takes down the tailor who let him walk out like that.

  8. J. Michael Gallagher

    If ruining your spouse’s holiday with divorce papers sounds delightful, then J. Michael Gallagher is here to take your call. And don’t just pick up the phone; fight over it like the miserable couple in this terrible ad.

  9. Brown & Grouppen

    This walking, talking trio of "good guys" is as cheesy as it gets. If only they had done a group high five before entering the sun-blinding courtroom.

  10. Barry Glazer

    Calling all urination victims! Attorney Barry Glazer is here to stop insurance companies from "urinating on your leg and tell you it’s raining." We don’t know what his urination obsession is all about, but it makes for an awesomely bad ad.