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100 Tools and Quizzes to Assess Your Risk of Everything

Sometimes the world can be a dangerous place, as disease and disaster can strike seemingly without warning and turn your life upside down. Whether you’re a consummate worrywart or just want to get a practical assessment of your risks, there are a number of tools out there that can help you understand what to look out for and whether you should be on guard. We’ve pulled together 100 tools and tests to help you establish your risk of just about everything.


From protecting your computer from hackers to making sure you don’t let your business’ network release confidential information, these tools will help you assess your risk of computer-related mishaps.

  1. SSIF Risk Assessment Toolkit: Take this short quiz to find out if you might be putting your information security at risk through unsafe practices.
  2. Get Safe Online Quiz: Are you safe when you’re browsing the net? This quiz can help you discover what your true level of online safety is.
  3. Information Technology Security Quiz: Ensure that your IT is doing everything possible to protect you from loss or theft of information by taking this quiz.
  4. Defending Wireless Devices Quiz: Wireless networks are frequently targets of those with nefarious intentions, so make sure yours gets the armor it needs by taking this quiz.
  5. Assess Your Risk of Online Fraud: If you’re worried you may become the victim of online fraud, this tool will allow you to see if you are engaging in any potentially risky behaviors that might make that a possibility.
  6. Endpoint Security Quiz: Designed more for network security professionals, this quiz will test your expertise on endpoint security to ensure your systems are locked down tight.
  7. Network Security Quiz: Network administrators should take this quiz to find out if they’re doing everything they can to lower their risk of network attacks.
  8. Business Security Quiz: Is your business’ information secure? Take this quiz to find out.
  9. Quiz: Assessing Your Company’s Security Aptitude: You might think your business has security under control, but this quiz may reveal areas where you’re at risk.
  10. PhishMe: Check out this online tool to discover where you might be vulnerable to phishers.
  11. Audit My PC: Assess your risks of online security breaches by testing out your firewall, secure surfing and website security using these tools.
  12. Assess Your Risk for Cybercrime: Stop yourself from becoming a victim of an online crime by taking this quiz, designed to point out where you may be vulnerable.
  13. Serenti Computer Security Scan: Find out just how risky your computer is with this free tool.
  14. Looks Too Good to Be True Quiz: Take this quiz to learn why to avoid falling for offers that look too good to be true.


These tools and quizzes will help you analyze the risks associated with investing, check fraud and identity theft.

  1. Identity Theft Risk Assessment Quiz: Identity theft is a growing crime as technology makes it easier than ever to get access to private information. Find out if you might be at risk through this online assessment.
  2. Oncubic Risk Assessment: How much risk are you willing to take in an investment? This tool will help you match your risk level to appropriate investments.
  3. Assess Your Investment Risk: Check out this tool to see how risky your personal investments just might be.
  4. Assess Your Risk of Check Fraud: No one wants to be the victim of check fraud so limit your risk by taking this online test.
  5. Investment Risk Quiz: Is your personal investment style on the risky side or the safe one? Find out more through this site.
  6. Risk Tolerance Quiz: Everyone has their limits and you can discover yours when it comes to investments through this quick quiz.

Lifestyle and Diet

Use these helpful quizzes and tools to establish whether your personal habits could be putting you at risk.

  1. Alcohol Use Assessment: If you’re not sure if your drinking is just good fun or is bordering on alcoholism, take this quiz to find out your risk of alcohol dependency.
  2. Stress Trigger Assessment: Find out how many things in your life act as stress triggers through this quiz so you can learn how to lower your risk of feeling stressed out.
  3. Live and Learn Quiz: Does your lifestyle promote heart health? This quiz will let you know one way or the other.
  4. Substance Abuse Assessment: Here you can find out how much you or someone you care about is at risk of substance abuse.
  5. Cholesterol Quiz: This quiz is designed to help you assess your risk of and bring under control your high cholesterol.
  6. Healthy Lifestyle Quiz: Check out this test to find out if you’re truly living a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Eating Disorder Assessment: Think you or someone near to you may be struggling with anorexia or bulimia? This quiz may help you spot the warning signs.
  8. Obesity Risk Assessment: This assessment will let you know if your BMI is within the healthy range or if you’re heading towards being overweight or obese.
  9. Risk Assessment for Nicotine Dependence: If you want to know if your casual smoking may have turned into a full-on addiction, check out this quiz.
  10. Assess Your Risk for Sun Damage: Those who spend a lot of time in the sun will appreciate this quiz that analyzes how much they’re putting their skin at risk.
  11. Assess Your Risk for Addition to Pain Medication: Pain medication can be notoriously addictive, something you don’t need on top of whatever caused you to take pain medication in the first place. Check out this quiz to see if you run the risk of getting addicted.
  12. Risk Taking Assessment: Do you have a risk taking personality? Find out for sure through this quick assessment.


Taking into account both genetics and lifestyle factors, these quizzes will help you determine your risk of a number of diseases and illnesses.

  1. DVT Risk Assessor: DVT stands for deep vein thrombosis, a potentially life threatening condition where blood clots develop in vein deep within the body. Find out your risk of getting the condition through this assessor.
  2. Coronary Artery Disease Assessment: Heart disease is a major killer around the world, so find out what your risk is by taking this test.
  3. Osteoporosis Risk Assessment for Women: This test is a great way for women to find out if they should be watching out carefully for osteoporosis, eating more calcium or just taking better care of themselves.
  4. Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment: With obesity on the rise, diabetes has risen with it. Find out if you’re at risk with this online quiz.
  5. Postpartum Depression Assessment: A new baby can cause a flood of emotions in any new mother, but if you feel it’s more than is normal try taking this online quiz that helps pinpoint the symptoms of early postpartum depression so you can get the treatment you need.
  6. HIV Risk Quiz: Find out what your risk of contracting HIV might be through this short quiz.
  7. Stroke Risk Assessment Quiz: Strokes kill and disable thousands of people each year and this quiz can help you assess if you might be at risk.
  8. PAD Risk Quiz: PAD, or peripheral artery disease, is caused by blockages in the arteries, often due to poor diet or lack of exercise. If you’re experiencing anything you think might be a symptom check out this quiz and call your doctor right away.
  9. Arthritis Risk Quiz: Here you’ll find a helpful tool to help you assess your risk of developing arthritis.
  10. Check Your Risk of STDs: Whether you’ve had a lot of partners or just one risky one, this test can help you assess your risk of catching an STD.
  11. Hepatitis Risk Assessment: Check out this quick assessment tool to find out if you might be at risk of getting Hepatitis.
  12. Epilepsy Risk Assessment: Genetic factors and more figure into this quiz that analyzes your chances of epilepsy.
  13. Chronic Fatigue Assessment: Feeling tired all the time? Take this quiz to find out if it might be chronic fatigue or something else.
  14. Anemia Risk Quiz: Not getting enough iron is a big deal to your body and this quiz will help you discover if you might be at risk of developing anemia associated with that deficiency


As one of the leading causes of death, cancer is something everyone needs to watch out for and try to catch early on. These tools are designed to help you find out what your risk of developing a range of cancers is and also provide prevention, treatment and general information as well. Remember, even if the quiz says you’re at a low risk, getting regular check-ups is still an absolute must.

  1. Melanoma Risk Assessment Tool: Those spending long hours in the hot sun may want to check out this skin cancer assessment tool.
  2. Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment: This helpful tool can be a great way to establish whether or not you may be at risk of this cancer.
  3. Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment: Women who want to know more about their risks of ovarian cancer should check out this tool
  4. Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool: The government maintains this risk assessment tool to help women gauge their risk of breast cancer and work on better preventative measures.
  5. Lung Cancer Risk Assessment: Whether you’re a smoker or just live with one, you may want to check out this online risk assessment quiz.
  6. Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment: Find out what your genetic risk of getting cancer is with this helpful tool.
  7. Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment: Men of all ages should check out this quiz, designed to offer help in determining the risk of getting prostate cancer.
  8. Cervical Cancer Risk Assessment: Women can get a better idea of their cervical cancer risk from this quiz.
  9. Cancer Risk Factors Quiz: Are there factors in your life that put you at a high risk of developing cancer? Check out this quiz to learn more.
  10. Uterine Cancer Risk Factors: This quick tests will help women learn what some of the major risk factors for uterine cancer are.


These tests and tools are all about assessing risk for a business or job, whether you’re a farmer or looking to start your own business.

  1. Liability Risk Assessment Quiz: Is your law firm putting itself at risk of being sued? This quiz can help you learn your risk level and what you can do to make it better.
  2. Farm-A-Syst Pest Control Risk Assessment: Check out this quiz to discover your risk level of pests afflicting your crops this year.
  3. Safety Quiz: Find out if your workplace is a safe and secure one through this quiz.
  4. Assess Your Agility: Business teams can take this assessment to discover areas of risk and how prepared they are to deal with them.
  5. Professional Management Consultant Association Quiz: Business owners and managers can take this quiz to determine if their business practices put them at high, normal or low risk.
  6. Information Security Quiz: How secure is your business from computer-based attacks? This quiz can help you find out.
  7. Nonprofit CARES: Analyze the risks associated with your non-profit organization through this in-depth analysis.
  8. Head Blight Risk Assessment Tools: Farmers growing grains like wheat can find out their risk of head blight from this helpful tool.
  9. Job Burnout Quiz: Are you headed for total job burnout? This quiz offers some risk factors and signs that you might be.
  10. Assess Your Robbery Risk: Find out your business’ risk of becoming the target of theft through this online quiz.
  11. Church Emergency Risk Assessment: Those running a church can find out what their risk is in an emergency situation here.
  12. Corporate Identity Theft Assessment: Individuals aren’t the only ones that need to watch out for identity theft. This test will help businesses assess their risk of information theft as well.
  13. Outsourcing Risk Calculator: Is outsourcing right for your business? This tool can help you weigh the benefits and risks.
  14. Business Risk Management: Designed with the family business in mind, this tool helps business owners establish their overall level of risk.

Dental, Ear and Eye Health

Help keep your sensory organs and your teeth in tip-top shape by finding out your risk of a number of conditions through these tools.

  1. Eye on Nutrition Quiz: Analyze your eye health through this online quiz.
  2. Assess Your Risk of Gum Disease: Think you may be heading for gum disease? This test can help you find out and give you tips on what to do to stop it.
  3. Cavity Risk Assessment Tool: If you think your love of sugary foods is putting you at risk of developing cavities use this online tool to find out.
  4. Assess Your Risk of Dental Disease: This test assesses a wide range of dental diseases and your risk of developing them.
  5. Glaucoma Risk Quiz: Find out if you’re at risk for glaucoma by answering a few simple questions on this site.
  6. Adult Vision Risk Assessment: This assessment can help you determine if your vision care is something you need to monitor very closely.
  7. Risk Assessment for Hearing Loss: Those working in loud environments or who like to listen to headphones at top volume should take this online quiz to find out their true risk of hearing loss.
  8. Tooth Decay Risk Self-Check: Give yourself a quick, at home checkup on tooth decay risk with this test.
  9. Acid Wear Risk Assessment: Acidic products of all kinds can wear down your tooth enamel and cause those choppers to ultimately be unhealthy. Find out if what you’re eating might have an impact.
  10. Macular Degeneration Risk Quiz: Watch out for macular degeneration by learning the early warning signs from this test.


These helpful tools will give you a chance to put your level of risk to the test in everything from being assaulted to getting a cold.

  1. Risk of Being Murdered: Here you can learn how much you’re at risk for personal harm.
  2. Risk Assessment of Rape, Robbery, Stabbing, Shooting or Beating: This test addresses all kinds of personal harm and your risk of running into it, as well as offering some personal defense tips.
  3. Assault Risk Reduction Assessment: Here you’ll find out how you can lower your risk of assault.
  4. Risk Assessment of Street Assault: Live in a dangerous neighborhood? Love showing off your wealth? These factors may increase your chances of assault as this quiz details.
  5. Risk of Cheating on a Spouse or Significant Other: If you think you have a wandering eye, take this quiz to find out your risk of being disloyal.
  6. Domestic Violence Risk Assessment: This assessment is designed to find out if you’re at risk of domestic violence and what you can do to get out of a dangerous situation.
  7. How to Assess Your Risk of Getting the Flu: Determined not to get sick this winter? This site can help you learn ways to lower your risk of getting the flu.
  8. Infidelity Risk Assessment Quiz: Find out the chances of your spouse or partner being tempted by someone else through this highly unscientific quiz.
  9. Assess Your Risk of Falls: Is your home or workplace a place where it would be easy for you to fall? Find out more from this test.
  10. Divorce Risk Calculator: With half of all marriages ending in divorce, this calculator can help you find out your risk so you can beat the odds.

Home and Property

Is your home at risk of disaster hitting? These quizzes and tools can help you find out and be prepared for the worst.

  1. Burglary Risk Quiz: Find out what your risk of thieves setting their eyes on your home is through this quiz.
  2. Assess Your Risk of High Wind Damage: Whether it’s hurricane force or just really strong winds, this quiz can help you find out if you’re at risk.
  3. Assess Your Risk of Climate Change Damage: Think climate change won’t affect you? This quiz may show you otherwise.
  4. Assess Your Fire Risk: Fire can be devastating to any homeowner, but you can learn how to assess your risk and protect yourself in the event of a fire with this test.
  5. Rate Your Risk of Lead Poisoning: If you live in an older home, especially with young children, this risk assessment quiz is essential.
  6. Assessing Your Risks of Flooding: Many may not even realize they live in an area where flooding is a major concern. Take this assessment to learn more about avoiding flood damage and protecting your things.
  7. Carbon Monoxide Exposure Risk: Often a silent killer, carbon monoxide can sneak up when you least expect it. This quiz can alert you to your risk and suggest helpful preventative measures.
  8. Tornado Risk Assessment: Find out what your chances of getting hit by a tornado are with this simple assessment.
  9. Probabilistic Seismic Hazards Assessment: Those living in California can find out their earthquake risk using this site.