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30 Blogs for Surviving a Divorce

By Nancy Farrell

Anyone that has gone through a divorce knows that they can be very difficult, emotionally and physically draining, and hard on all parties involved. Whether there are children, property, debts, assets or any other issues involved, divorce, which is already a tough process, can become very time consuming and expensive, whether or not it is amicable. Statistically, it is estimated that 40% of marriages in the US end in divorce.The following blogs are dedicated to easing the pain and difficulty of going through the divorce process:


These blogs offer great forums with advice and personal stories to help people through their divorces.

  1. Generation Ex Files Read about issues surrounding divorce such as children and family problems, getting through the holidays, and much more.
  2. Judith’s Divorce Blog Here, this blogger offers blogs about assistance and making the process easier for anyone going through a divorce.
  3. Divorce Without Dishonor This blog is written by several different people and has information on several aspects of divorce including communicating with each other, custody, and keeping the children’s feelings in mind.
  4. Divorced at 50 This blog is dedicated to help people who need help in dealing with the issues in getting divorced later in life, after being married for so long.
  5. Lifestyle of a Divorced Single Mom: Read here about advice pertaining to divorced mothers and trying to raise their kids.
  6. Wikivorce: Helping you through a breakup: This is a site with resources and advice with the opportunity to join a community that offers support for going through the divorce process.


These blogs are geared specifically to help women through their ordeal offering help with information on divorces, how to handle the situation with the children, maintaining self esteem, and much more.

  1. Women’s Divorce Blog This blog serves a source and guide for women seeking information on divorce, dealing with children, and emotions.
  2. The New Face of Divorce This blog offers advice for divorced moms and women and also offers them the opportunity to join the community and get engaged with other women going through the same thing.
  3. Fresh Start After Divorce Blog The purpose of this blog is to help women build their self- esteem and confidence back and to discuss and work through their transitional periods.
  4. Divorce Diva Learn about the musings of a diva making her divorce manageable and getting through it, here.
  5. The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide This blog sheds light on the difficulties of divorce and also offers resources and articles to help women get through the process.


These blogs are aimed to help men through the process with information pertaining to custody, single parenting, child rearing, and much more.

  1. Dad’s House Here, this single dad talks about and gives advice on single parenting, co-parenting, raising teens, dating as a single dad, and much more.
  2. Men’s Divorce Law Blog This blog offers advice and information for dads and men about divorce, child rearing, and custody.
  3. This blog is for divorced dads and men with informational advice on what to do, resources for finding an attorney, and the custodial process.
  4. Maryland Father’s Rights Blog This blog serves as advice and informational material for divorced fathers and their rights.
  5. Secret Divorce Planning This is a blog, resource guide, and question-and-answer template for men who are looking into or going through a divorce.

Law related

These blogs are to help any person thinking about or going through divorce with legal questions they may have, and offers resources for people looking for assistance.

  1. Marilyn Stowe Family Law and Divroce Blog: This blogger and divorce attorney offers advice and the law on any issues and questions related to divorce.
  2. Divorce Lawyers Chicago: This blog offers advice and attorney knowledge in a variety of categories ranging from child custody to infidelity.
  3. South Carolina Family Law Blog: Written by a South Carolina who specializes in family court, this blog offers advice and the law on anything relating to family law.
  4. Affordable San Jose Divorce Lawyer: This blog serves as a general information blog for those who are looking into divorce and would like to learn more about the process.
  5. Family Law Solicitors: Written by two UK family law specialists, this blog offers posts with advice and family law matters that most people going through a divorce can relate to.
  6. Family Lore: Here, this blogger from the UK shares thoughts, advice, references and books relating to family law.
  7. Bloody Relations: Also written by a blogger in the UK, this blog is dedicated to learning UK family law.
  8. Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer Blog: Here, a Boston area attorney comes to the aid of people seeking advice for divorces, including explaining differences in divorces and family law.
  9. Minnesota Divorce and Family Law Blog: On this blog, a Minnesota attorney offers legal advice and help for those looking into family law and divorce suggestions.

Moving on

These blogs are intended to help individuals after their divorce with obstacles such as picking the pieces back up, dating, and more.

  1. Thrive After Divorce: This blogger talks about tips and advice for keeping yourself up moving on after your divorce.
  2. What’s Love Got To Do With It?: This blog offers advice on dating, relationships, and sex.
  3. Divorce 360: This site offers plenty of resources and an entire focus on moving on after divorce.
  4. Life after Divorce: New Horizons: This informational blog is about the recovery efforts after divorce, with categories such as keeping positive thoughts, dating and marrying again, and much more.
  5. New Horizons Divorce Coaching: This blogger offers resources for events and advice for growing after your divorce.