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50 Best Blogs for Gun Enthusiasts

By Kimberly Peterson

If you’re a gun lover, you’re in good company online. There are lots of gun bloggers, whether they’re simply celebrating guns, writing about politics, or discussing their latest hunt. Check out this list to find 50 of the best gun blogs out there.

Celebrating Guns

These bloggers are just plain old gun lovers.

  1. The Gun Shots: This blog offers a not so neutral forum for discussing guns.
  2. A Keyboard and a .45: Read A Keyboard and a .45 to see posts about gun information, politics, and firearm news.
  3. Guntards: Guntards is a safe place for gun lovers to discuss their love of guns without the politics.
  4. Home On the Range: Brigid writes about guns and gourmet cooking in the Midwest.
  5. The Firearm Blog: The Firearm Blog leaves the politics behind, and focuses on all things firearms.
  6. The Urban Shooter: Follow this podcast to hear updates from fun loving, law abiding gun owners.
  7. Accurate Shooter: Accurate Shooter’s bulletins cover gear, competitions, hunting, and more.
  8. Politics, Guns, and Beer: This blogger and new mom celebrates three of her favorite things.
  9. Gun Pundit: Shelby Murdoch’s blog is all about gear, guns, and gun issues.
  10. The Gun Nut: Read this blog to follow the rantings and ravings of two gun lovers from Field and Stream.
  11. Tech, Guns, and Food Blog: This blogger writes about the three things he likes the most-tech, guns, and food.


Read up on the latest in gun gear on these blogs.

  1. Airsoft Tactical: Airsoft Tactical discusses some of the best gear for airsoft shooting.
  2. The Packing Rat: The purpose of The Packing Rat is to offer reviews on firearms, outdoor gear, and accessories, as well as discuss experiences in shooting.
  3. Blammer: Blammer highlights and discusses a variety of different guns.
  4. Famous Guns: Check out this blog to learn about the best firearms of the world.
  5. The Arms Room: This blog is an online firearms museum.
  6. Gunner’s Journal: On this blog, you’ll find writings and photos about 1911 models as well as other interesting guns.

Rights, Law & Politics

Learn about your rights, and how they are affected by law and politics from these blogs.

  1. NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog: Learn more about gun law from this Florida gun trust lawyer.
  2. The Real Gun Guys: The Real Gun Guys offer honest, logical truth about guns and gun control.
  3. Armed and Safe: Armed and Safe argues for gun rights and debunks the logic of violating them.
  4. Say Uncle: Uncle will keep you up to date on the latest important gun developments.
  5. Of Arms and the Law: On this blog, you’ll read about the various laws and rights surrounding arms.
  6. NRA Blog: Learn about the programs, news, and more of the NRA from this blog.
  7. NRA Watch: This blog will help you stay on top of what the NRA is up to.
  8. NRA-ILA: Check out this blog from the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action to find out about new developments in gun laws.
  9. The Right to Bear Arms: Learn about defense, gun politics, and more from this blog.
  10. Trigger Finger: Trigger Finger is all about the latest in gun laws.
  11. On Second Opinion: Here you’ll find fact checking of modern opinions on Second Amendment history.
  12. The Ready Line: The Ready Line writes about America’s arms war on the most attacked civil right.
  13. Alphecca: Read this Vermont gun nut’s blog to see the latest about media, politics, and more about guns.
  14. Gun Rights Blog: The Gun Rights Blog is all about citizens asserting their second amendment right, as well as news about self defense and gun control.
  15. Lawyers, Guns and Money: Follow this blog to learn how lawyers, guns, and money all relate to each other.

Self Defense

Find out how citizens are defending themselves through these blogs.

  1. Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog: On this blog, you’ll learn about various civilians that used their guns in self defense.
  2. Hell in a Handbasket: This blogger is a professional self defense instructor.
  3. Nurse With a Gun: This nurse works in areas where law enforcement refuses to enter without backup.
  4. The Survivalist Blog: The Survivalist is all about surviving when things get tough.
  5. Gun Watch: Gun Watch monitors the people’s right to effective self defense.

Shooting Sports

Check out these blogs to learn about competitive shooting.

  1. Bullet Boy: Bullet Boy is a gun enthusiast who has been a shooter all his life.
  2. The Pretty Pistolera: Read this blog to follow the adventures of a girly-girl in competitive shooting.
  3. Bull Gang Tactical Weapons Team: This blog is written by a team of tactical weapon shooters.
  4. James Marchington: On this blog, you’ll read the thoughts of the editor of Sporting Shooter Magazine.
  5. Carteach0: This blogger loves to shoot, and writes about it here.


These blogs celebrate the thrill of the hunt.

  1. Hunt, Eat, Live!: Here you’ll read about outdoor adventures in hunting.
  2. Fat of the Land: Fat of the Land is a food blog about eating well with foraged food.
  3. Big Buck Zone: Big Buck Zone writes about scoring the big one.
  4. The Hunter’s Wife: Read the musings and adventures of a hunter’s wife on this blog.
  5. The Hog Blog: On this blog, you’ll read all about hunting hogs.
  6. Nigel Allen’s Airgun Blog: Nigel Allen hunts almost exclusively with air rifles.
  7. Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: Learn about honest food and wild game recipes here.
  8. Gun Safety Innovations: This blog is all about helping hunters be as safe as possible.