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The Changing Status of Criminal Justice Jobs

Criminal justice jobs have typically dealt with the more unappealing forces of society: people accused of crimes dealing with drugs, sex, and corruption. Organizations such as the ACLU and other civil liberties organizations have teamed up with defense lawyers and the accused in an effort to promote their meanings of justice as the Supreme Court decides a half-dozen cases about the rights of people who are accused of these jobs. As a result of these court cases, other larger conservative and libertarian groups have also joined alongside criminal justice jobs in an effort to contain the “big government” aspect of criminal justice.

Criminal justice jobs were came into the political forefront during the Nixon administrations’ tough-on-crime policies as they were seen as a manner to curb the atrocities which were occurring within many city streets. However, since this time, more and more conservatives in the government have determined that criminal justice needs to be less regulated by the government and work on its own to contain the seedy underbelly of society. The organizations teaming up with the accused defendants maintain that government intrusion into criminal justice has spawned a system in which there are a majority of criminal offenses that no longer require a criminal intent.

Since this has come to the fore-front, civil liberties organizations have been thrown into the limelight as they campaign against the modern criminal justice system and the jobs it carries with it. Criminal justice jobs are about upholding the peace, but enacting laws that make it a federal criminal offense to give a false weather report do seem to overstep many civil liberty boundaries. “Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent”, a recent book by Harvey A. Silverglate, mentions the fact that there are thousands of federal criminal laws which American citizens break everyday without realizing it because of their obscurity within the criminal justice system. It is difficult to determine how we got to this place, especially when so many Americans put a lot of faith into the criminal justice system and criminal justice jobs that help uphold the law. No one wants to wind up on the wrong side of the system.

We are currently at a crossroads with our criminal justice system and it is up to the current graduates of criminal justice schools to re-evaluate the necessity of many crimes that target innocent Americans every day. Criminal justice jobs do not have to be about a larger political motive, but can in fact still maintain their original status as being “tough on crime” and upholding the law. Current graduates can choose to alter the criminal justice system to get back to its original roots and away from the political atmosphere it has recently retained. Getting away from this newfound political criminal justice system is important if we care about having a separate criminal justice system that does not intrude onto our civil liberties.

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