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The Top 100 Civil Liberties Advocacy Blogs

Even if you’re not a political activist or civil rights advocate, knowing a basic framework about the laws and campaigns designed to protect you at work, in the voting booth, in the courts and against all types of discrimination is important for all Americans.

Because of the complexity of issues surrounding civil liberties, however, it can often be difficult to find the information, news, and civil liberties commentary you’re looking for. To bring you the best in online resources relating to civil liberties legislation and news, we’ve compiled this list of 100 top civil liberties advocacy blogs sorted by topic.

Race and Ethnicity

Despite our advances, racial and ethnic injustices are still a major issue in the U.S today. Read these blogs to learn about new campaigns to understand and ultimately end racial discrimination.

  1. RaceWire: RaceWire follows stories about race in economics, politics, American culture, and religion.
  2. The Race Equity Project: This blog focuses on legal services and rulings affecting civil rights and race issues in Northern California and around the country.
  3. culture kitchen: This smart blog mostly follows race and politics, encouraging discussion about progressive legislation and social awareness.
  4. Afro-Netizen: This blog follows news stories and pop culture as a way to inspire African Americans to take an active role in their community.
  5. Racialicious: Racialicious challenges readers to question the representation of race in pop culture and the media and to take a stand against offensive material and attitudes.
  6. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: This racial justice blog uncovers civil liberties and humanitarian crimes around the world.
  7. The Angry Black Woman: The Angry Black Woman blogs about “politics, race, gender, sexuality” and “anger,” to highlight the progress and set backs of the ongoing civil rights movement.
  8. The Field Negro: This fun to read dissenter’s blog considers all types of racial issues in politics, pop culture, the international community, religion and more.
  9. Race Blog: Recent posts from the Race Blog include “Religion, Race and Discrimination” and “Drive-By Racists.”
  10. Latino Politics Blog: Read posts about U.S., Texas and California politics, abortion rights, education rights, health care and more on this smart blog.


These bloggers are committed to fighting religious discrimination by informing the public of their right to practice their religion around the world.

  1. Religion News Blog: Religion News Blog is a great resource for finding quality information about religious rights and freedoms, cult issues and the presence of religion in politics.
  2. Religion Clause: Howard M. Friedman, Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Toledo blogs about religious rights and how government interferes with religion in countries all over the world.
  3. FaithWorld: Reuters’ religion and ethics blog reports on all the news about religion, religious freedom, and religion and politics.
  4. Inspired Faith, Effective Action: This blog is associated with the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations and features posts about social justice, peace, environmental issues, racial justice, women’s rights and a lot more.
  5. Dalit Freedom Network: Blogs written on this site tackle arranged marriages, religious and cultural discrimination, religious conversions and other issues affecting this population in India.
  6. Military Religious Freedom: Though this blog is no longer active, it contains enlightening posts about discrimination, crusading Christians and other religious issues in the U.S. military.
  7. The Center Blog: The Center Blog comes from the Center for Law and Religious Freedom at The Advocacy Ministry of the Christian Legal Society. Read about court cases and dialogues involving Christian doctrine and culture.
  8. Apostasy and Islam: This blog follows the recent campaign of Muslims to “affirm the Freedom of Faith.” Read all about the campaign in this blog, which also connects readers to resources about Islam, religious freedom and Muslim culture.
  9. The Liberty Blog: The Liberty Blog is published by the North American Religious Liberty Association, and posts discuss the free exercise of religion, U.S. rulings and laws that affect religion, religion and health, and other related topics.
  10. Religion and Society: This blogger tries to understand how religion fits into contemporary culture and politics.

Constitutional Issues and Supreme Court

These analytical blogs will help you get summaries of Supreme Court rulings and dig deeper into the Constitution so that you can more effectively participate in the debate about civil liberties.

  1. Brad’s Weekly Constitution Blog: Brad writes to defend “the original intent of the Constitution.” Even if you don’t agree with his stance, you can browse categories like immigration, religion, the Second Amendment and the U.N. to get a better understanding of Constitutional issues.
  2. Wait a Second!: This blog reports back to its readers about “the civil rights opinions of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit,” including rulings on discrimination.
  3. American Constitution Society Blog: Recent posts from this blog include “Due Process for Immigrants” and “Human Rights First Report on Terrorism and the Court System.”
  4. Free Constitution: Read about all kinds of civil liberties issues, freedom breaches and legislations here.
  5. SCOTUS Blog: Get the latest updates on Supreme Court cases and rulings from this blog.
  6. U.S. Supreme Court Blog: In this unofficial blog, posts discuss civil liberties rulings affecting children, jury selection and more.
  7. Supreme Court and U.S. Politics: Get summaries of opinions passed by Supreme Court Justices here.
  8. Progressive Liberty Blog: This blog aims to educate readers about Constitutional issues, American freedoms and more.
  9. The Populist Party Blog: This is “where the people rule,” and bloggers post about civil liberties and the demand for basic rights and protection.
  10. Liberty’s Blog: This blog is written by a “Texas Yankee” who writes about American equality and liberty.

International and Humanitarian Blogs

The United States isn’t the only country faced with civil liberties controversies. Turn to this list for news, legislation and campaign updates about humanitarian efforts and advocacy from all over the world.

  1. Audrey Roberts and the Afghan Women’s Network: This blog is no longer active, but it includes archives of revealing statistics and campaigns from a woman who spent time abroad learning about the women’s rights movement in Afghanistan.
  2. Adam Nord and the Home for Human Rights: Adam Nord blogs through The Advocacy Project site about his work in Sri Lanka.
  3. Human Rights Must be Made a Fact: Read about human rights conferences and campaigns in countries like Liberia, the UK, Ethiopia, Sudan and others.
  4. Joseph D’Souza: Blogger Joseph D’Souza is “seeking to transform lives and communities in India” by reporting about racism, cultural division, civil liberties infringements, politics and social issues in India.
  5. Save Darfur: Read about the latest campaigns and news surrounding this human rights controversy.
  6. Spy Blog: This UK blog attempts to uncover the explosion of surveillance technology used by the government. Posts discuss privacy, national security and more.
  7. Blogactiv Beta: This beta site welcomes posts about democracy, environmental issues and rights, human rights and more, as “Europeans challenge Europe.”
  8. The Red Cross is Here: Learn about how the Red Cross responds to natural disasters and human rights emergencies all over the world.
  9. world:bridge: world:bridge is sponsored by Refugees International and posts about migration laws, refugee camp conditions, disaster aid and more.
  10. Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog: Recent topics discussed in this blog include child soldiers, forced migration, asylum seekers, child sexual exploitation, religious freedom, human security and others.

Privacy and Security

These blogs uncover the laws and debates surrounding American privacy rights, from national security to government spying to data records to health care information.

  1. Danger Room: This blog on Wired contemplates “what’s next in national security.”
  2. Schneier on Security: This popular, authoritative blog explores “security and security technology,” including government rulings and the business of security.
  3. Canadian Privacy Law Blog: Get information and opinions about national security and privacy issues from a Canadian perspective when you check out this blog.
  4. Early Warning: William M. Arkin’s blog on explores homeland security news, controversy and civil rights.
  5. Homeland Security News Blog: Published on the site for The National Terror Alert Response Center, this blog reports on privacy and homeland security rulings and actions.
  6. The Dunning Letter: This blog is all about “advocat[ing] for granting consumers control over their names and personal data.”
  7. Ephemeral Law: Get a better understanding of privacy law and information security in this blog.
  8. Privacy Spot: Privacy Spot is a privacy law blog that discusses privacy rulings in the courts, data protection, health care records and more.
  9. Threat Level: This blog considers “privacy, security, politics and crime online,” reporting on everything from spy bills to ID theft.
  10. Privacy and Identity Theft: Read about censorship, cybercrime, ID theft, privacy issues and more from this blog by IronKey CEO Dave Jevans.

Women’s and Children’s Issues

From abortion rights to gender discrimination to violence against children, these blogs all advocate the protection of women’s and children’s rights.

  1. Feminist Peace Network: This advocacy blog includes posts about misogyny, underpaid migrant workers, women’s health issues, politics, the media and other issues affecting how women and children are perceived and treated in our society.
  2. Field Notes: Field Notes is UNICEF’s blog about saving children around the world from famine, natural disasters, disease, social injustices and violence.
  3. WIMN’s Voices: A Group Blog on Women, Media, AND…: Many different women contribute to this blog, which explores gender roles and issues in media and society, including sexism, voting power and more.
  4. Our Bodies Our Blog: Learn about FDA reports, same-sex marriage rulings, abortion issues and more on this blog.
  5. WILPF Blog: WILPF stands for Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and this blog covers everything from the Middle East to the Save the Water campaign to human rights all over the world.
  6. The Women’s Rights Blog: Recent posts on this conscience-driven blog include “Oman regional pioneer for women’s rights” and “Confidence vote on Afghan mission expected for March,” reporting on women’s rights movements around the world.
  7. Women’s Voices for Change: The writers of this blog advocate more respect and visibility for women over 40.
  8. Women’s Lunch Talk: Nancy Clark, CEO of WomensMedia writes this blog to challenge the traditional roles of women in the workplace and society.
  9. Reproductive Rights Blog: Learn about abortion rulings and reproductive rights issues here.
  10. Children: Sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association, this blog discusses child rape, children in war, famine, children in gangs and more.
  11. Child Rights and You: This blog focuses on the civil liberties of children in India.
  12. Feminist Law Professors: Learn about women’s issues, including women’s rights, here.
  13. Every Human Has Rights: This blog has a special focus on women’s issues and women’s rights.
  14. Blogs by Women Blog: This women’s blogging network publishes its own blog, which encourages debate and action about women’s rights around the world, protecting women’s civil liberties and politics.

Healthcare Advocacy

Find out which laws protect you in your fight to get affordable, high standard heath care in these blogs.

  1. A Healthy Blog: A Healthy Blog believes in “health care for all” and features posts about new legislations, campaigns and attitudes. affecting health care.
  2. NAD Advocacy Blog: This blog is all about preserving the rights of deaf citizens.
  3. Reproductive Health Reality Check: This blog reports on health care legislation and labor issues, including abortion, sick leave and more.
  4. Health Law Blog: Learn about your health care rights here.
  5. Health Affairs Blog: Authors on this blog posts about health care reform, health policy, and health care in politics.
  6. Health care Law Blog: Consider this blog a resource when researching your civil liberties and personal rights regarding health care.

Labor and Employment

This list contains information about workplace discrimination, employment law and employees’ rights, sexual harassment cases and more.

  1. California Employee Rights Blog: Californians have access to specific employee laws through this blog, which can also serve as a general resource for workers around the country.
  2. The New York Disability Law Blog: Learn about worker’s comp, security disability, Ground Zero lawsuits and other disability and employment facts here.
  3. DMI Blog: The DMI Blog explores “politics, policy, and the American dream,” questioning the legislations and the political and economic culture that inhibit that dream.
  4. Women’s Rights Employment Law Blog: Learn about discrimination, gender roles, pregnancy issues and sexual harassment in the workplace here.
  5. Workplace Prof Blogs: Three law professors write for this blog to inform workers around the country of new legislations and issues that affect immigration, retirement, worker’s comp, discrimination and more.
  6. Labor is Not a Commodity: The International Labor Rights Fun helps to sponsor this blog, which advocates just labor laws in countries all over the world.
  7. Labor and Employment Law Blog: Employees, entrepreneurs and HR specialists can turn to this blog as a resource for understanding labor laws, sexual discrimination cases and more.
  8. Labor Law Center Blog: Read about labor and employment news from around the U.S., including stories about minimum wage increases, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment cases and employee training.
  9. The Age Discrimination (Is Real) Blog: This blogger documents each time he experiences age discrimination during his job search, naming names.

Social Justice

From voters’ rights to same sex marriages, this list uncovers the resources that take a stand against social injustices.

  1. TalkLeft: Read about “the politics of crime” in this blog, which features posts about social and political injustices.
  2. National Association of Social Workers Blog: Get news, advocacy updates and more from this official blog.
  3. The Social Blog: This blog does include some pop culture references and posts, but it mostly focuses on social justice concerns and human rights issues.
  4. Gay Rights Watch: Learn how politics, court rulings, economics and social attitudes affect the gay community in this blog.
  5. Our Rights, Our Future: This blog advocates the restoration of civil rights, tracking court rulings, political news, and social campaigns.
  6. Basic Rights Oregon: The “BRO blog” encourages locals and people around the country to fight discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  7. Gay Marriage Blog: This blog advocates active discussion about gay marriage, reports on gay marriage rulings and even shares honeymoon information for couples.
  8. Mass Rights Blog: The Massachusetts branch of the ACLU publishes this blog about civil rights progress and set backs.
  9. Rock the Vote Blog: The blog for this famous campaign urges young people to register to vote and understand the issues that affect their lives.
  10. Election Law Blog: Understand voters’ rights and the basics of election and campaign law in this blog.


Rounding out our list are these civil liberties blogs, which discuss trial advocacy, immigration issues, civil rights, economic justice and the ACLU.

  1. OMB Watch Advocacy Blog: This government watch website now publishes posts that follow major nonprofit groups, political campaigns and social justice issues.
  2. Trial Advocacy Blog: This blog from Temple University examines many aspects of the trial and judicial process.
  3. Pacific Views: Pacific Views is a civil liberties advocacy blog that tackles everything from international politics to same sex marriages to race and gender in the media.
  4. A Human Rights Weblog: This blog discusses worker’s rights, immigration issues and human rights problems around the globe.
  5. ACLU of Texas – Liberty Blog: Read about civil liberties news and updates affecting Texas legislation and citizens here.
  6. The Gavel: The Gavel covers everything from civil rights to consumer protections to labor issues to privacy and security rights.
  7. Vanishing American: This controversial blog discovers the vanishing civil liberties and traditions that America was founded on.
  8. Educational Justice: This group of “progressive education activists” take on everything from state budgets to economic and social justice.
  9. Stop the ACLU: To understand the opposition to the ACLU and civil liberties legislations, read the postings on this blog. Recent articles include “An Obama Presidency Will Set Race Relations Back Decades” and “When a Union Tries to Go Beyond its Role.”
  10. The American Civil Rights Union Blog: This blog is dedicated to “protecting the civil rights of all Americans” through the spreading of information and encouraging Americans to take an active role in defending their rights.
  11. ACLU Blog of Rights: The ACLU proudly posts about all civil liberties news, issues and legislation, “because freedom can’t blog itself.”
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