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The Top 100 Criminal Justice Blogs

Criminal justice is perhaps one of the the most broad reaching fields of study in education today. It incorporates not only the topics that immediately come to mind such as law enforcement, corrections and the courts, but also political history, social issues, psychology and civil liberties among many others. This diversity of issues makes criminal justice dynamic but it also makes it dizzyingly complex for someone trying to educate themselves in justice issues. Consequently, we have compiled this list to help anyone involved in the criminal justice field — including academics, practitioners and students — find information and resources about their niche, as well as any other aspect of criminal justice.

Police and Detective Blogs

Get a feel for what it’s like to police the streets in some of the world’s toughest cities by checking out this list.

  1. The Policeman’s Blog: This British blog mixes personal stories with humorous analysis of the UK police systems and the "mad, mad mad world of the British underclass."
  2. LAPD Blog: Readers get a first hand look at crime reports, crime stats and LAPD campaigns from this straightforward blog.
  3. Chicago Police Department Weblog: This is the official blog for the Chicago police department, and readers will find press releases, department news, crime updates and more.
  4. Blues and Twos – Police Officer’s Blog: This blog is another police and law blog from a UK perspective.
  5. Police Inspector Blog: This blogger is a member of the Ruralshire Constabulary in England, and begs readers, "don’t call us, we’ll call you." Browse the blog for media reviews, politics and the daily grind.
  6. The Philosophical Cop Police Blog: This blog is written by an American cop who analyzes politics, social issues, and crime reports.
  7. Mr. Police Man: Learn about the life of a cop in this blog, which discusses what it’s like to be on duty during Cinco de Mayo, look for a police job and more.
  8. Police Brutality Blog: This blog documents police brutality cases and complaints around the country.
  9. The Johnny Law Chronicles: This blogger notes that "good, bad, I’m the guy with the gun." Recent posts include "Killed in the line" and "Dope on the table."
  10. Amherst Police Department Blog: Learn about department news and crime reports for the city of Amherst in this official blog.
  11. The Plastic Fuzz: A police community support officer blog which is noted as much for the eloquent writing style as for the interesting issue-oriented PCSO tales it discusses.
  12. Learn about all the criminal reports in Boston each day and get updates about top police news stories in the area.
  13. The Chief’s Corner: Lincoln, Nebraska, Chief of Police Tom Casady gives an insider’s look at what’s happening in the department, including "things you’re unlikely to hear about in the local media."

Law Schools

These authoritative sites analyze major cases, reveal insight into what it’s like to go to law school and keep readers updated on what they need to know in the criminal justice industry.

  1. CrimProf Blog: Recent posts on this blog cover stories about youth offenders, the Second Chance Act, racial issues in the criminal justice system, and more.
  2. The University of Chicago Law School Faculty Blog: Read posts, watch videos and listen to podcasts that comment on issues affecting The University of Chicago Law School and the greater criminal justice community.
  3. Tax Prof Law Blog: Paul L. Caron is the Associate Dean of Faculty at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, and he blogs about scholarships, tax law cases, politics and more.
  4. Three Years of Hell to Become the Devil: This Columbia law student’s blog concluded in 2006, but it’s still a popular read and offers great tips on surviving law school.
  5. What I Learned in Law School: Read about law firm office culture, looking for a job, supplementing your degree with leadership skills and more.
  6. Law School Academic Support Blog: Law school professors can turn to this blog for job postings, teaching ideas, conferences and industry news.
  7. Georgetown Law Faculty Blog: Get an academic understanding of current affairs and criminal justice cases here.
  8. Law Librarian Blog: Find great resources for studying and researching criminal law cases here.
  9. Dorf on Law: Columbia Law School professor Michael Dorf and his "lawyer/professor friends" blog about the Supreme Court and top cases around the country.

Advice, News and Resources

Turn to these blogs to learn about new policies and campaigns to improve the justice system. This list also includes sites that serve as one-stop resources for criminal justice professionals and students who need news updates and more.

  1. The Truth About False Confessions: Learn all about false confessions in this blog, from Guantanamo prisoners to the wrongfully convicted.
  2. PULSE Criminal Justice: This network has news and updates from criminal justice systems around the country.
  3. Criminal Justice Online: Turn to this blog for online resources about criminal justice. It’s designed for lawyers, law students and academics, so there’s a variety of information included.
  4. The Innocence Project: The blog for The Innocence Project urges citiznes to "know the cases; understand the causes; fix the system." Posts are all about important rulings and legislation that reveal how DNA testing can protect the wrongfully accused.
  5. The Criminal Justice Journalists’ News Center: Journalists and anyone else wanting to know more about criminal justice policies and news can turn to this resource.
  6. Criminal Profiling: Get coverage of top criminal justice news stories from around the country.
  7. Criminal Justice Degrees Guide Articles: A concise but growing collection of resources and articles relating both to criminal justice education and to the field generally.

Corrections and Sentencing

This collection features blogs about the death penalty, prison systems, sentencing law and policy, and other criminal justice news.

  1. Capital Defense Weekly: Read detailed commentary about sentencing, the death penalty and criminal justice news at Capital Defense Weekly.
  2. Sentencing Law and Policy: Recent posts from this blog discuss the death penalty, child pornography cases, and coverage of top cases.
  3. The Lonely Abolitionist: This anti-death penalty blog includes posts about cases around the country.
  4. StandDown Texas Project: This is the blog for the StandDown Texas Project, which advocates a review of the Texas criminal justice system and the death penalty.
  5. The Real Cost of Prisons Weblog: Find information about immigration, criminal sentencing, state prison plans, civil liberties and other topics in this blog.
  6. Second Circuit Sentencing Blog: Look up cases and review sentencing decisions from cases in the Second Circuit here.
  7. Juvienation: This blog is written by a journalist in Brooklyn who writes about the issues and reforms surrounding the juvenile justice system.
  8. Texas Prison Bid’ness: Recent posts from this blog discuss prisoner transfers, funding, private prisons and other topics relating to the prison system in Texas.
  9. This hosting service supports blogs written by prisoners, and the most recent entries are posted on the home page.
  10. Death Penalty: Amnesty International’s Death Penalty blog covers executions, legislation and cases in states around the country.

Attorney Blogs

These blogs are written by prosecutors, public defenders and attorneys in private practice, and discuss everything from national security to celebrity cases to picking a jury.

  1. A Public Defender: Read about sex offender cases, the notion of accidents in a court room, the death penalty and more.
  2. Law of Criminal Defense: Recent posts include "California Bar investigating Brady violation" and "Hourly billing starting to disappear," making this blog a good read for criminal defense lawyers wanting all types of news.
  3. Underdog: Criminal and drunk driving defense lawyer Jon Katz writes about the first amendment, Supreme Court cases and more.
  4. Diary of a Criminal Solicitor: This Essex solicitor blog about the criminal justice system in the UK, dropped cases, and top news stories.
  5. Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer: This blog is all about the "art and science of criminal defense trial lawyering" and features well-written, regular posts about local and national cases.
  6. Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer: Categories in this blog include jury trials, the war on drug, the Texas penal code and more. Casual posts are well-written and dispense good information in an approachable way.
  7. Los Angeles Criminal Law Blog: The lawyers at Kestenbaum, Eisner and Gorin in LA maintain this blog, which discusses California criminal laws, jury trials, celebrity cases, sex crimes and a lot more.
  8. Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog: This blog comes from the criminal defense firm Altman and Altman. Read about drug offenses, federal crimes, violent crimes, cyber crimes and more.
  9. California Criminal Lawyer Blog: This blog is full or resources and commentaries that could be useful for law students and lawyers, especially in the state of California. Categories range from DUI defense and blood tests to penalties to women’s defenses to juvenile topics.
  10. SCOTUS Blog: This is the blog for the Supreme Court of the United States, and readers will find information on rulings, schedules for the Justices, petitions, politics and more.
  11. Crime and Consequences: Many of the posts in this blog cover Supreme Court rulings and cases.
  12. This blog tracks Supreme Court rulings and cases dealing with the fourth amendment.
  13. Campaign for the Supreme Court: This blog, from the Washington Post, features "continuing coverage of the Supreme Court" Justices and decisions.

Judges and Court

Get a better understanding of the court system and how judges make their decisions by following these blogs regularly.

  1. The Anniston Star: Learn all about criminal justice news and the court system in Alabama by reading this blog that’s full of regular updates and photos.
  2. Criminal Appeal: Criminal Appeal focuses on the Ninth Circuit and the California state courts.
  3. How Appealing: How Appealing covers appellate litigation cases, theories and trends.
  4. Long Island (Criminal) Trial Law: Learn about court proceedings, trial law, jury psychology and more in the Long Island courts by reading this blog.
  5. Grits for Breakfast: The unofficial blog for the Texas criminal justice system documents local and state cases, politics and how media and the justice system collide.
  6. Judging Crimes: This well-written, authoritative blog is written by a judge who hears violent and criminal cases and wants the American public to understand the "reality of judicial power rather than the verbal formulas used to defend it."
  7. INCourts: This Indiana lawyer often blogs about Supreme Court rulings and gives reviews of cases, state news and more.
  8. X-Judge: This former judge served on the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Posts cover topics ranging from pre-emption to prosecutor press conferences to politics.
  9. Deliberations: Discover the issues, culture, processes and psychology of jury trials and juries here.
  10. Gavel Grab: Posts from this blog discuss "impartiality, accountability and the war over the courts" and are written by Justice at Stake, a nonprofit group that advocates fair courts.

Criminal Psychology and Social Psychology

Effective lawyers, prison guards, police officers and judges need to understand the basic principles of criminal psychology and social psychology to evaluate witnesses, track down criminals, and maintain a general sense of order.

  1. Prevention Not Punishment: This blog posts about death penalty news and rulings and examines how mental illness and the death penalty often go hand in hand.
  2. Drug Law Blog: From antidepressants to marijuana to the FDA, the Drug Law Blog explores drug-related cases and legislation in California and the U.S.
  3. Forensic Psychology Blog: Learn the basics of forensic psychology, including criminal profiling, here.
  4. Psychology and Crime News: This forensic psychology blog collects scholarly research and posts about industry news.
  5. Neuroethics and Law Blog: Princeton University and University of San Diego School of Law professor Adam Kolber explores how psychology and neurology affect legal and ethical issues.
  6. Social Psychology Arena: Use this blog to connect you to research and resources that will help you better understand the field in general or a particular philosophy.
  7. The Situationist: This smart social psychology blog uncovers research projects and findings, group behavior, child psychology, law and more.

Individual Rights and Public Defenders

Learn more about the civil liberties issues affecting individual rights in the U.S. criminal justice system here.

  1. Injustice Anywhere: This public defender has worked in Texas and Washington, and she rants about seeing injustice in criminal justice systems around the country.
  2. Georgia Criminal Law Blog: Georgians who have been accused of crimes can turn to this blog for news and resources to help them understand their cases.
  3. Blonde Justice: The writer behind Blonde Justice uses Elle Woods from Legally Blonde as her online persona and blogs about being a public defender.
  4. Public Defender Dude: This blogger maintains that he is devoted to "fight[ing]the system through the system."
  5. Sex Crime Defender: Lawyer Stephen C. Smith writes about the nature of sex crime defense, and encourages readers to share their opinions on rape laws, child pornography cases and more.
  6. DUI Blog: This blogger uncovers "bad drunk driving laws, false evidence and a fading constitution" in this blog.
  7. Think Outside the Cage: The Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition publishes this blog, which features posts about marijuana, parole systems, drug abuse, police brutality and more.
  8. Evidence Prof Blog: This law professor uncovers legislations and trends in evaluating evidence that could encroach upon individual rights.
  9. ACLU Blog: This is the official blog for the American Civil Liberties Union, and visitors can read about drug laws, government spying, immigration issues, prisoners’ rights, racial justice and more.
  10. Tales of a Public Defender Investigator: This award-winning blog writes about being a public defender in California. Recent posts include "Defending Ourselves" and "Umm…Another Reason We Should Have Formal County Public Defender Offices?"

Federal Criminal Justice and Issues

Use these blogs as references for studying federal cases and policies that affect the entire nation.

  1. Convictions: Slate’s law blog covers Supreme Court cases and cases that affect national issues.
  2. American Constitution Society for Law and Policy Blog: Criminal justice posts cover Guantanamo issues, the death penalty, civil rights, military cases and much more.
  3. TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime: Recent posts cover Barack Obama, Gitmo prisoners and other political stories as they relate to criminal justice.
  4. Federal Crimes Blog: Posts on this blog are written by lawyers at the McNabb Associates firm that handles drug cases and other cases around the country.
  5. Prevention Works: This is the blog from the National Crime Prevention Council. Readers will find posts about assault and violence; alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse; protecting children; and more.
  6. Pushing Back: Though this blog includes local and state cases, the overall theme is the U.S. fight against drugs. Read posts to get information on drug-related legislation, importation, prevention and drug abuse.
  7. Extradition and Foreign Evidence: Learn about the rules and issues surrounding international criminal justice here.
  8. Representing Foreign Nationals: Representing foreign nationals involves a unique process. Read about cultural issues and immigration law here.

International Criminal Justice and Immigration

These blogs discuss immigration law and international criminal justice for the benefit of lawyers and defendants.

  1. Extradition and Foreign Evidence: Learn about the rules and issues surrounding international criminal justice here.
  2. Representing Foreign Nationals: Representing foreign nationals involves a unique process. Read about cultural issues and immigration law here.

Forensic Science and Technology

Browse images and news stories and discover how technology plays a role in each aspect of the criminal justice system.

  1. Defensology: Read about cybercrime and how technology is used in a criminal courtroom here. The blog is no longer active, but it can be used as a valuable resource for studying past cases.
  2. Forensic News Blog: This well-organized blog includes images, news stories, and more about forensic science.


From paralegal blogs to sex crimes to home security to legislation summaries and updates, find everything else you need to know about the criminal justice system in this list.

  1. Overlawyered: This critique of the American criminal justice system covers topics in procedure, personal responsibility, family law, class actions, guns, crime and punishment, and more.
  2. Sex Crimes: This blog is "devoted to the criminal laws regulating and punishing sexual violence." Recent posts include "GPS Devices and Probable Cause" and "Should a 17 yr. old be charged?"
  3. Overcriminalized: Browse posts and legislative update summaries about all kinds of reforms, campaigns and acts, like the Consumer Product Safety Modernization Act and the Foreclosure Prevention Act.
  4. Governing Through Crime: This insightful blog pulls from international politics, psychology and domestic issues to discuss prison reform, the criminal justice system and domestic security.
  5. court-o-rama: Learn how juries are selected, evidence is evaluated and more in this blog.
  6. A Paralegal’s Blog: This blog covers news stories affecting paralegals, the work culture of a paralegal and more.
  7. Pacific Crime Blog: This blog mainly focuses on the West coast, but readers will find news and issues relating to criminal justice and criminology around the country.
  8. Becker-Posner Blog: Perhaps two of the greatest thinkers of our time turn their economic and legal analysis to the world around them, often touching on issues affecting criminal justice.
  9. Crime Rant: Blogger M. William Phelps is "deliberating crime from coast to coast" in this blog. Posts analyze crime stories from all over the country and dissect the nature of crime and question the effectiveness of the criminal justice system.
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