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The Top 100 Law and Lawyer Blogs

By Kimberly Peterson

Law blogs, also known as blawgs, are plentiful these days. In fact, there are probably thousands to choose from and more appear each week. For that reason, it may be difficult for you to narrow down which ones are worth a regular read. Whether you are a lawyer, law student, or merely interested in the subject, we’ve attempted to cut through the chaff and provide you with what we regard as the top 100 law and lawyer blogs listed below. It was very difficult to choose only 100 blogs from the myriad of successful law blogs. In an effort to remain fair, you will find a variety of subjects covered with the following blogs. Not only are high-profile general law blogs included, niche blawgs are also offered for your consideration. Since it would be impossible to rank them according to importance, they are categorized according to subject and then alphabetized. According to our research, here are what we consider to be the top 100 law and lawyer blogs.

General Law

These blogs cover a variety of legal topics and are sometimes written by a group of legal experts.

  1. Above the Law – This blog refers to itself as a "legal tabloid" and offers amusing commentary on the latest in law.
  2. American Constitution Society – Also known as the ACS, this covers a wide variety of topics related to law and policy.
  3. The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times – This is a group blog that discusses law and lobbying in Washington, D.C.
  4. beSpacific – Offers the latest news in law and technology.
  5. Blawg Review – This is a blog carnival, featuring many different law blogs in one. Here, you will find a wide range of subjects, as well as a handy guide to promising new blawgs.
  6. Law and More – Written by Jane Genova, a writer with a passion for legal issues.
  7. Legal Juice – This hilarious site offers the latest in odd legal news.
  8. Overlawyered – Here, the bloggers cover topics related to tort reform and the general state of the U.S. legal system.
  9. Wall Street Journal Law Blog – From the trusted and long-running newspaper comes this group blog on all things related to law.

Law Professors The following blogs are maintained by law professors. Topics range from academia to personal issues.

  1. Adjunct Law Prof Blog – Michael H. Rubinstein is an adjunt law professor at St. John’s and New York Law School. This informative blog covers a wide range of legal topics.
  2. ADR Prof Blog – This blog is maintained by four law professors and offers commentary on the ADR field.
  3. Banking Law Prof Blog – Ann Graham, an associate professor at Texas Tech, edits this blog. As the name would suggest, it delves into matters related to banking law.
  4. Doing Justice – Here, a "short, white, leftist feminist law professor" pulls no punches when offering her thoughts on the system.
  5. Is That Legal? – Eric Muller, professor at UNC Law School, offers his musings on the legal system here.
  6. InstaPundit – Glenn Reynolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee and this is one of the most popular blawgs on the Net.
  7. LAW PROF on the LOOSE – Here, one cheeky professor offers his thoughts on the news, the world and life.
  8. Lessig – Stanford Law School’s professor Lawrence Lessig authors this popular blog.
  9. Mass Tort Litigation Blog – Maintained by Byron G. Stier, Associate Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School.
  10. – Michael Madison is an Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
  11. Professor Bainbridge – This is a massive blog with plenty of information about law, politics, religion, culture and food.
  12. Sentencing Law and Policy – News, opinions and links related to federal and state sentencing by Professor Douglas A. Berman of Ohio State University.
  13. Split Circuits – Here, Professor A. Benjamin Spencer covers developments in the federal circuit courts.
  14. – TaxProf Blog – Paul L. Caron is an Associate Dean of Faculty at University of Cincinnati College of Law, as well as a noted expert in tax law.
  15. The Volokh Conspiracy – The group blog is maintained by many law professors, including UCLA’s Eugene Volokh, and is one of the most celebrated law blogs on the Web.

Law Students Written by law students, these blogs explore life in the trenches of law school.

  1. – Written by Ashley Eckerle, a self-described "wife, law student, blogger, amateur chef and photographer."
  2. Coleslaw – A pithy, amusing blog from a "law student with little will."
  3. Crime of Passion – This blog covers the adventures of a West Coast liberal transplant now attending Cooley.
  4. Diary of a Law School Mom – These are the tales of a married mom of three who is trying to make it through law school.
  5. The Frugal Law Student – Here, a law student offers tips on school, saving money and career productivity.
  6. Lag Liv – The title is Swedish for "law life" and this blog is written by a new mom and law student.
  7. Luis Villa’s Blog – The musings of a New York law student with an interest in open source software.
  8. Nuts & Boalts – This blog is a collection of stories from students the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall).
  9. Three Years of Hell to Become the Devil – Although this blog is no longer maintained, law students should enjoy reading three years of blog entries from a struggling and candid law student.
  10. Transnational Law Blog – Here, several law students blog about transnational issues.

Judiciary These blogs are all about judiciary matters and the judges themselves write some. Judges have many stories to tell, as you can imagine.

  1. The Becker-Posner Blog – This blog is written by two legal experts, including Judge Richard A. Posner.
  2. Bench Memos – This blog features news and commentary about the judiciary process.
  3. Convictions – This is Slate’s blog on the judiciary process.
  4. A Criminal Waste of Space – These are the musings of Justice William W. Bedsworth.
  5. Judging Crimes – Blog author Joel Jacobsen is an assistant attorney general. Here, he offers "a view of the bench from the trenches."
  6. Say What?! – Classic courtroom humor from U.S. District Judge Jerry Buchmeyer.

Criminal Law These are blogs that focus primarily on criminal law. Some are written by practicing criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors.

  1. Arbitrary and Capricious – This blog is written by a public defender and covers many topics related to criminal law.
  2. Blonde Justice – These are the legal musings of a blonde, female defense attorney.
  3. CrimLaw – News and analysis of criminal cases, as written by practicing attorney Ken Lammers.
  4. Houston Criminal Defense Attorney – This is all about the "art and science" of being a criminal defense attorney.
  5. Public Defender Dude – These are the "ramblings" of a public defender who is fighting injustice within the system.
  6. Seeking Justice – This criminal prosecutor pulls no punches when discussing legal cases.
  7. Simple Justice – Thoughts and legal analysis from New York criminal defense attorney Scott H. Greenfield.
  8. Ubjeckshin – This blog, written by a prosecutor, is filled with humor and legal analysis.
  9. UNDERDOG – This criminal defense blog is written by attorneys at Marks & Katz, LLC in Maryland.
  10. Western Justice – This blog is anonymously written by a small town DA. He dispenses small town, Western justice.

Corporate Law The following blogs contain news and analysis concerning corporate law. Practicing corporate lawyers write most.

  1. The 10b-5 Daily – This blog discusses news and events related to securities class action litigation.
  2. Business Associations Blog – This is a blog about corporate law and governance and legal education by Stephen Bainbridge.
  3. Conglomerate – This site concerns business, law, economics and society.
  4. The Corporate Counsel – This corporate law blog has been running since 2002 and is still very active and popular.
  5. Corporate Finance Law Blog – Here, the firm of Davis Wright Tremaine (DWT) offers sensible legal advice concerning business.
  6. Corporate Securities Law Blog – This blog provides up-to-date information on corporate and securities law.
  7. The Harvard Law School Corporate Governance Blog – Here is analysis and news from experts at one of the most prestigious law schools.
  8. Securities Litigation Watch – Discusses news and other developments about securities litigation and enforcement from Bruce Carton, VP of Institutional Shareholder Services’ Securities Class Action Services.

Employment Law These blogs are written by experts in the field of employment law. They provide news, analysis and related information.

  1. Benefitsblog – Written by attorney B. Janell Grenier, this blog offers information on employee benefits and the law.
  2. George’s Employment Blawg – Here, George Lenard offers news and views on employment law.
  3. Jottings By An Employer’s Lawyer – This is an informative and entertaining blog by attorney Michael W. Fox..
  4. "That’s What She Said" – This hilarious blawg covers the HR issues raised by the popular TV sitcom The Office.

Real Estate Law The below sites discuss the law in relation to selling and buying real estate.

  1. Bay Area Real Estate Law Blog – As the name would suggest, this is real estate law from the perspective of a Bay Area law office. It covers pertinent national news, as well.
  2. From Bricks to Clicks – Real estate law from attorney Jay Hollander’s perspective.
  3. Meltzer Blawg Officies – This is the real estate blawg of Meltzer Law Offices. It offers analysis of cases and news on latest real estate law developments.
  4. New York Real Estate Lawyers’ Blog – This is a real estate blawg from the New York firm of Finkelstein Newman Ferrara LLP.
  5. Real Estate & Construction Blog – This site offers up-to-date information on real estate, construction, environmental and land use law.

Internet and Cyber Law This is a fairly new niche in law, one that pertains to cases involving the Internet and information technology as a whole.

  1. E-Commerce Law – This blog discusses trends, news and legal issues affecting Internet businesses.
  2. ICANNWatch – This watchdog site covers the legalities of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
  3. Internet Cases – This blog has been covering Internet cases since 2005.
  4. John Palfrey – Palfrey, of the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School, discusses information technology and the law on this site.
  5. Rory Perry’s Weblog – Here, Perry (the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia) writes about law, technology and the courts.

Environmental Law The environment is on everyone’s minds these days, making these environmental law blogs even more relevant than ever.

  1. The Brockovich Report – This is the environmental law blog of famous consumer advocate, Erin Brokovich.
  2. Environmental Legal Blogs – Here, Stephen Holzer, Esq. writes about developments in environmental law.
  3. Law and the Environment – Here, attorney Scott Deatherage discusses new trends in environmental law.
  4. Municipal, Planning & Environmental Law Group Blog – This group blog discusses current issues and updates on law, legislation and policy for municipal, planning and environmental concerns.
  5. The New Carbon Cycle – This is another blog by Scott Deatherage, wherein he discusses the rapidly evolving law and policy surrounding climate change, carbon trading and markets, and renewable energy.

Foreign Law The following blogs focus specifically on legal issues affecting countries outside of the United States.

  1. China Law Blog – One of the most popular blawgs on the Net, this site focuses on Chinese business law.
  2. Chinese Law Prof Blog – Here, professor Donald C. Clarke of George Washington University discusses Chinese law.
  3. EU Law Blog – This law is specifically focused on European law matters.
  4. Inside Justice – Here, Georgetown University student and world traveler Renee Dopplick writes about international law.
  5. International Economic Law and Policy Blog – This group blog is written by many renowned world trade law experts.
  6. International Law – This blog discusses anything that falls under the international law umbrella.
  7. International Law Observer – This is a blog dedicated to reports, commentary and topic issues pertaining to international law.
  8. International Law Reporter – Jacob Katz Cogan, Assistant Professor of Law University of Cincinnati College of Law, discusses international law news on this blog.
  9. Law of the EMU and EURO – Atilla Arda writes this blog about European Economic and Monetary Union.
  10. Opinio Juris – This long-running blog focuses on reports, commentary, and debate on current developments and scholarship in the fields of international law and politics.

Legal Ethics The following blogs pontificate matters concerning legal ethics. Both scholars and legal professionals write these blogs.

  1. – This is Ben Cowgill’s online legal ethics newsletter.
  2. Durham-in-Wonderland – This award-winning site is dedicated to the legal issues surrounding the Duke lacrosse rape case that was so poorly handled
  3. Legal Ethics Forum – This is a group blog maintained by legal scholars and is dedicated solely to the subject of legal ethics.
  4. Legal Profession Blog – This is another group blog written by scholars and focusing on legal ethics.
  5. – This site focuses on the ethical issues surrounding law and technology.
  6. What About Clients? – The author of this blog maintains that lawyers often mishandle their clients, which is directly related to the discussion of legal ethics.

Law Office Technology These blogs are all dedicated to new technology being used in modern day law.

  1. – Kennedy is an award-winning author and expert on legal technology.
  2. Digital Practice of Law – This is a digest of cases and practical resources for applying technology to legal practices.
  3. Lawtech Guru by Jeff Beard – Since 2003, Beard has covered the latest in law office technology on this informative blog.
  4. Legal Extranet – This blog offers information about legal extranets, client workspace technology and more.
  5. PDF for Lawyers – Here, you will find tips and tricks for using PDF in law.
  6. Strategic Legal Technology – Ron Friedmann of Prism Legal Consulting authors this blog on technology and litigation support.
  7. TechnoLawyer Blog – This blog covers legal technology and practice management news.
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