Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Crime Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

Law-abiding citizens don’t have to feel powerless and constantly fearful of falling victim to a crime. In fact, there are many steps we can take to prevent crime. Here are some ways you can begin reducing your risk of falling victim to certain crimes today.

Preventing property theft and burglary involves some common sense principles, such as locking the doors and windows of your home and vehicle. You also want to make sure your blinds or curtains are closed in your home and that shopping bags and other items of interest are stowed in the trunk of your car so that thieves will be less tempted to break in. This may seem like common knowledge, but you would be surprised how often skipping these simple steps leads to burglary. For instance, many of us like to leave the curtains open around the holidays to show off our Christmas trees to our neighborhood, but it’s a prime opportunity for thieves to scope out the pricy gifts that lie wrapped underneath that tree.

You should never leave your car running with the key in the ignition while you go into a convenience store or run a quick errand. Did you know that a car thief only needs seconds to get in your car and make off with it? Car theft is widely known as a crime of opportunity, so don’t give thieves the chance they’re looking for. If this seems like common knowledge to you, consider how often you may have left your car running in your own driveway with the defroster on during cold winter mornings while you wait for it to warm up.

Kidnappings and rapes can often be prevented by walking in groups or even pairs at night and even in broad daylight, as well as keeping a close eye on children playing out of doors. It is also important to teach children to never speak to or follow the directions of strangers. Adults should not jog or walk alone early in the morning or late at night in areas where the streets are deserted, and should always carry a cell phone. It never hurts to take regular self-defense courses, in case prevention is not enough.

Finally, if someone threatens you and demands your purse or wallet, give it to them calmly and step away slowly. Many criminals are just desperate for quick cash, and surrendering it willingly may keep you from being assaulted or even killed. You can always cancel credit cards and replace your driver’s license, and it’s better to lose your cash than your life.

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