Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Criminal Justice Careers and Salaries for a New Decade

We are at the start of a new year and a new decade, which means changes are occurring throughout the career and business world.  Criminal justice careers have felt these changes as well, as new departments have opened up within the field and new positions are now available to recent graduates.  We have new things to focus in the criminal justice field than we had only a decade ago, indicating the monumental changes that have occurred in such a short time span. 

One career that has taken off in recent years due to the increase of technology is that of computer forensics expert.  These individuals typically have a background in some type of computer programming field and understand the criminal justice system.  This new career choice has opened up as technology has allowed tracking through computers, which in turn allows law enforcement to go back through a person’s computer records in order to build up a case or find other defendants.  Furthermore, analyzing a computer of suspected terrorists (a recent fear within our nation) has helped apprehend a number of individuals on the verge of committing atrocious acts of violence.  This career can lead to a wide range of salary, typically around $100,000, making it a lucrative career option for computer students interested in a different type of future.

DEA agents have also become a highly sought after position in the criminal justice system because of the amount of drug related crimes that have been steadily increasing over the past decades.  The easy availability of drugs in urban locations has indicated that while the trend is slowly decreasing, the easy accessibility has led to a higher demand of law enforcement who are trained to deal with the problem. DEA agents help control the amount of drugs that enter the country by working with customs agents and help control the amount of drugs that go out into circulation.  The rise of drugs such as crack cocaine and methamphetamine are recent additions to the drug trade and have spawned a whole new type of drug underworld, a world that DEA agents work to contain. DEA agents receive a competitive stipend within the law enforcement world, ranging around $50,000, although has the opportunity for employees to earn much more with experience.

The department of homeland security is another such field that has opened up within the past decade as a result of the many international events which our country has been involved in.  Criminal justice students are perfect candidates for this type of position because of the wide range of options which the department offers.  Homeland security is a government program in charge of protecting our nation from outside terrorists or other potential risks and therefore plays an important role in securing its existence.  As a government job, homeland security employees earn anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000 depending on what position they take.

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