Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Criminal Justice Degrees in a Criminally-Focused World

Criminal justice degrees have taken on new heights recently with the revamped notion of the criminal justice system in general.  Politicians and pundits have slowly realized that the prison system is inadequate and many of the methods for prosecution are not as justiciable as they should be.  As a result, many new criminal justice graduates are learning that they will be placed in careers that involve an evolving notion of the criminal justice system, rather than the criminal justice system they have been taught.  Crime is constantly changing within our own system, and to be able to match the growing rate, we need to change the criminal justice system as well. 

The criminal justice system is in dire need of more reform, with increased resources that should move away from incarcerating youth or the “three strikes rule” that many states have picked up on, and move more toward more serious criminal offenses.  We live in a world that is not growing any less immune to criminal behavior, and in fact is producing more criminals dues to advanced technology, economic downturns, as well as incarceration that breeds more criminals.  As recent criminal justice graduates, you should join the nation-wide conversation taking place about  criminal justice reform, especially since you will be working amidst much of the chaos. 

Congress has been attempting to create reforms in the criminal justice system, but it has been difficult from the onset, not to mention the new problems that trying Guantanamo detainees in federal courts has brought up.  The criminal justice system needs a facelift, and while it remains uncertain who can give it the proper remedy it needs, it is clear that change is inevitable.  Our prison systems remain over-crowded, and many prisoners are inducted into a life of crime rather than rehabilitated after serving short sentences in a federal prison.  This is not the criminal justice system we want our nation to have: we want a system that delivers justice, but also reforms incarcerated criminals at the same time. 

Criminal justice degrees have already begun to take on a different meaning in recent years, as the criminal justice system has spread throughout the nation in different areas of law and justice.  Doors are opening everywhere for different graduates, whether it be within the criminal justice system itself or in public policy campaigns.  It is inevitable that the legislature regarding the criminal justice system will change as more funds are appropriated to keep criminals off the street and keep prisons safe. 


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