Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Criminal Justice Jobs that Work to End Disparities in the System

While our criminal justice system is supposed to be the model form of equality and justice, there are many instances in which it strays from these constitutional principles.  One of the greatest controversies within the criminal justice system, one which recently worked its way up to Congress, is that of the different punishments given to crack offenders versus cocaine offenders.  The threshold for each conviction is vastly different, making it a tough case for criminal justice advocates to change through the legislative system.  However, we finally made headway in this change today, through one of the more surprising forums for criminal justice jobs – the legislature. 

Many of us consider criminal justice jobs to revolve mainly around law enforcement positions or criminal defense lawyers.  However, criminal justice can range in stature around the world, and with that range are a multitude of different career options.  Currently, the disparity in convictions for drug users is one that many people have tackled within the criminal justice system.  It is extremely easy to receive a felony conviction if you have a different form of cocaine, a system which was based on the economic status of drug users, as well as their demographics.  Simply looking at the convictions defendants have received based on their drug use is shocking enough, as it tends to prove how biased our system can be – a system that has for years prided itself on its ideals of equality. 

However, with each new generation comes a new outlook on the criminal justice system and new jobs are created as a result of these changes.   The drug war remains an essential part of the criminal justice system, and has produced countless amounts of legislation, court decisions, and sentences for repeat offenders.  However, we have yet to come up with a stable answer for drug offenders and the ease with which drugs are available throughout our country.  Criminal justice jobs work to deliver justice to every defendant in the criminal court system, but sometimes this is difficult considering the background of each offender, and the lifestyle they were brought up in.  It is much easier for a judge to let a suburban kid off the hook for a drug conviction than an urban city kid who he assumes will undoubtedly get arrested again.  This large disparity within our system is one which should no longer be as prevalent as it is.

Hopefully the progress that we are beginning to make will not go to waste and other generations will pick up from where we are leaving off in their own criminal justice jobs. 


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