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Current Criminal Justice Careers and Salaries

The past few years has indicated the problems a recession has caused, but has also opened up many career options for criminal justice students based on the need for new prisons, the rising crime rate, and the transfer of Guantanamo detainees into the United States. These various situations have led to very specific criminal justice career options and have demonstrated the stability of the career option based on the need for law enforcement in all sectors.

Overcrowding in prisons has become a major challenge for both law enforcement and legislators as they debate the need for strict laws, but witness the overcrowding effect that these laws produce. The fact that flu season is now upon us has not helped matters either, as flu and H1N1 have spread throughout prison populations like wildfire because of the conditions that exist. While some states like California have the “three strikes” law which has contributed to overcrowding conditions, others like Texas have simply not been able to sustain a heightened rise in crime as a detrimental effect of the recession conditions. New prisons must be opened in order to sustain sanitary conditions for all prisoners within the system, although few states have enough funds to expand their current prisons. However, the rise in prisoners has led to a rise in prison officers who must be present, leading to a new outlet for criminal justice careers and a rising salary opportunity.

Additionally, the economy has succeeded in producing a heightened rate of crime, meaning that more law enforcement officers are also needed to apprehend these criminals. Simple robbery and burglary crimes are committed nearly every day in large cities in typical years, but the recession has caused a mass panic within many people, resulting in a higher need to commit theft crimes. The normal police force in many cities is unable to sustain average numbers in preventing new crimes and apprehending criminals, which has opened up new career options for criminal justice students, ranging from detective work to crime analysts depending on your educational background.

Finally, the move of the Guantanamo detainees to a prison in Illinois has opened up many career opportunities within this small town in the Midwest. While most jobs will be given to members of the community that built the prison, many criminal justice officials will be transferred to the prison in order to oversee the treatment and confinement of these high-profile war criminals. This is an unprecedented move for the United States, and criminal justice and law enforcement officials who have witnessed similar conditions are the most likely to be transferred to this prison. The changing world has opened up many career opportunities for law enforcement and other criminal justice specialists because criminals have become more adept at creating ways around law enforcement. Most criminal justice careers are about upholding the law and the salary for any position matches the amount of work and dedication you will have to perform throughout the line of duty. More than upholding the law, however, criminal justice
careers are about promoting peace in every community and ensuring the safety of every citizen.

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