Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Don’t Shy Away From Tough Courses

Mention any number of stereotypically brain-pounding college courses – microeconomics, organic chemistry, any class involving the writings of William Faulkner – and chances are you’ll elicit a scrunched up nose, wrinkled brow, and scoff from the other party. Yet, those who survived those tough courses will also speak of them with a tone of respect and admiration because beneath the scarring memories of all-nighters and novella-length essays, students who successful completed such nightmare courses know that their struggles to maintain a good grade made them stronger students and graduates in the end. So when you’re faced with the prospect of a difficult course, do not shy away.

No matter what major you are pursuing, there are undoubtedly well-known "killer" classes that are infamous for the challenges they present. Some of these classes are required, but many more are optional. It may seem masochistic to knowingly enroll in a tough class, but doing so may actually benefit you in the long run. The key is to take on a challenging course at the most opportune time as well as choosing one that you can truly devote your studies to. When you find yourself with a relatively light schedule, which is likely for at least a few semesters throughout your educational career, consider taking on a tougher class related to your field of study. For example, if you are pursuing a degree plan in criminal rehabilitation, consider taking a course in non-Western philosophy. It may help you to gain a different perspective in how to treat others, which may prove useful in your future career endeavors. Whatever you choose to take on, make sure that you devote yourself to it just as you would any other class. A tougher class demands more attention and more efforts on your part, especially if you are tackling an extra class that covers a subject you may not be familiar with.

By the same token, if a challenging class is part of your required curriculum, do not dread its inevitability. You must take it, and that is that. Face your most challenging classes head on. Buckle down and do whatever is necessary to survive the course. In the end, when you successfully complete it, you will be the better for it. After all, life after college will not be like your fluff classes where you could slack off and still earn good marks. The work force is demanding, so if you take demanding classes during college and succeed, you will be better prepared for the demands of the job.

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