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Finding Justice in Criminal Justice Jobs

The tide of the economy has brought many low points for business industries, but others have thrived despite the recession.  Criminal justice jobs have been one sector that has remained relatively stable; whether this is due to rising crime rates or rising technological advances in the field, it is for certain that criminal justice itself has proven to be a saving grace for many criminal justice graduates.  However, as time passes, criminal justice jobs seem to become more removed from the criminal justice aspect of the career.

Criminal justice at one point was narrowly tailored to fit the mantra of a career in law enforcement or another aspect of the criminal justice system in prosecuting the bad guys and gaining restitution for the good guys.  Since this point, criminal justice jobs have spread out far and wide, developing broad career choices that seem to have little to do with the prosecution of criminals but are still considered to be major pillars of the criminal justice system.  Furthermore, the idea of justice has been warped in recent years with increased corruption, bribery, and possible convictions of innocent people.  The question remains as to how we can find justice in criminal justice jobs now?

There have been many recent headlines in the criminal justice field, many revolving around the ever-controversial topic of the death penalty.  The case of Todd Willingham in Texas, a man who may have been innocently executed, has attracted attention around the nation, pointing a new finger at Texas’ high execution rates.  Texas has even gained recent notoriety as being the 7th highest entity in terms of executions, following countries such as China and Saudi Arabia.  The fact that we live in a democratic nation, yet states like Texas continue to pursue potentially “cruel and unusual” punishment to people who may in fact be innocent, does not seem to be a criminal justice system that upholds the notion of justice. 

There are a slew of criminal justice jobs that have been created solely to guarantee the justice of criminals and the justice of our court systems: most states have their own justice commissions to ensure the efficacy of the courts and trials.  This was not needed only a few decades ago, but has since become a major part of our justice system due to the increasing amount of realizations that many people in our prison system are completely innocent.  While law enforcement positions continue to be the main sense of criminal justice that many of us construe in thinking about jobs in the field, they have come under fire as well for different tactics and sometimes “sloppy” work in gaining convictions.

Regardless of where our criminal justice system takes us, we can all hope that it will be in the step toward justice, the way the system was originally set up. 


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