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Increase Your Chances of College Acceptance

The first step to earning a college degree and jump starting your higher education is to apply and be accepted into the school of your choice, whether online or traditional. But according to the Washington Post, colleges and universities have become increasingly more selective of the students they accept into their programs and are being bombarded with more applications than ever before. So with more people vying for less open positions, what can every student do to increase their chances of receiving that college acceptance letter in the mail?

The key to getting the edge in college admissions is to start early. Begin narrowing down the schools you are interested in attending during the summer before you graduate from high school. Then, research their admission requirements and deadlines. Start preparing your applications as early as possible and apply to the schools that offer early or rolling admission. By applying early, your chances of acceptance could increase dramatically. Also, look into schools that you would have otherwise discounted. More and more students are applying to the biggest and best schools across the country, because they offer the best financial aid packages. This could mean more open positions at second-tier colleges and universities.

To make sure your application is up to snuff, ensure that you meet every schools’ different admission requirements. Some schools ask students to write an admission’s essay, others ask for letters of recommendation from teachers or principles and most require some kind of standardized test scores. An incomplete application is the easiest way to be denied admittance to your school. Do your research and gather these things before you begin applying. Also, don’t discount the importance of getting good grades throughout the school year. Many senior high school students would rather skip classes, slack on their homework and socialize than concentrate on their studies, but good grades are another way to help your application reach the top.

Besides meeting all of the application requirements, consider enrolling in advanced math and science classes, participating in extracurricular activities or volunteering for a nonprofit organization. Many universities prefer to accept well rounded students that demonstrate an ability to engage in many different activities. And with colleges and universities reporting record high number of applications received and record low number of applications accepted, it is important to make sure your college applications are as accurate, complete and special as they can be.

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