Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Interested in Majoring in Criminal Justice?

If you have always been curious about the patterns of criminal behavior and reasons behind it, you might want to consider majoring in criminal justice. Along with criminology, this social science analyzes how crime can be prevented and societies’ ability to control it. Criminal justice is studied through an interdisciplinary approach that focuses on the causes, definitions, and prevention of crime, as well as the legal process criminals go through and how they might be rehabilitated. A major in criminal justice is ideal for anyone who is good with working with people, interested in criminal behavior, and wants to improve and better society.

Criminal justice majors receive a broad education in law through courses such as criminal law, criminology, juvenile justice, and criminal-justice research methods. Through the reading of countless court cases, they study the law in detail and learn about the judicial system and its processes. In order to interpret numbers and identify criminal patterns students study statistics. They also may take courses in public administration in order to better understand society and how to protect it. Social sciences also play a large role in this major with courses in psychology and sociology. Psychology classes help students to understand the reasoning behind criminal behavior and the emotional distress that their victims experience. Courses, such as criminology and victimology, help majors to better understand the influence of circumstance and thought process on human behavior. Philosophy courses help students to understand the reasoning and ideas behind of criminal punishment and crime prevention.

While careers in criminal justice are exciting, many of them can be dangerous as well. As positions in this field often deal with the safety of others, they come with a great amount of responsibility and can be stressful. Criminal justice majors who are looking for jobs that are never dull and always challenging, can look forward to careers where they investigate crimes, identify suspects, oversee criminals, and pursue justice. A broad range of career opportunities are available in the area of criminal justice including in those in the court systems, law enforcement, court administration, victim services, and correctional facilities. Those earning a degree in criminal justice can go on to become correctional officers, government lawyers, judges, paralegals, police officers, private practice lawyers, probation officers, and correctional treatment specialists. Many also choose to further their education by going to law school or enrolling in other graduate programs.

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