Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Jobs in the Criminal Justice Field for Recent Graduates

Most long-term careers require decades of experience in order to get anywhere in the specific industry.  As a result, it may take a while to worm your way up the ladder in a corporate industry – criminal justice being no different.  Criminal justice is a field that is constantly changing, and as a result the degree programs are changing at the same rate as any available jobs.  This makes it difficult for most recent graduates to get a handle on where they should focus their job search.  However, focusing on a broad section within the criminal justice industry should aid you in your search for a job, especially in an uncertain economy. 

An area such as law enforcement may be constantly changing to add new departments and careers, but it will remain relatively stable throughout the coming years.  Taking a look at this section after you first graduate or possibly interning with a law enforcement office will increase your chances of landing a job after graduation.  Law enforcement careers range from specific to broad, although broad positions such as police officials have remained relatively unchanged over the years, only adding various duties to heighten or lower their responsibility.  If you want to choose a specific career within law enforcement, many departments are popping up every year.  Forensics teams are constantly honing in on new specialties as technology produces crime that is in desperate need of a revamp every year.

Aside from law enforcement, the criminal justice field is constantly abounding with changes within the administration and enforcement of justice.  Laws are always being modified by Congress, implemented by law enforcement officers, and enforced by the judicial branch.  As there comes a need for revision, these laws are altered and new jobs are created.  Finding your niche in the criminal justice field really depends not only on the time you join the industry, but also the location and jurisdiction.  Each state comes entwined with its own laws and manner of enforcing them, making the job of a criminal justice graduate dependent on the state and their background knowledge of its criminal justice system.

While laws and crime may be constantly changing, the criminal justice field as a whole will stay the same for years to come.  Criminals will continue to be prosecuted while criminal justice officers administer the justice of the community.  Finding your way into the complex system and beginning your career is only step one of admiring the intricate way it continues to work.   

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