Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

Lock Up Your Valuables! Keeping Your Things Safe on Campus

When you’re studying hard to earn your criminal justice degree, the last thing you need is to call over a fellow criminal forensics classmate to investigate your own personal crime scene. Theft is one of the top crimes committed on college campuses, which is unsurprising considering the amount of laptops, MP3 players, cameras, and even textbooks to be had. To avoid having to use your criminal justice knowledge on yourself, follow a few easy guidelines to keep your possessions safe and sound.

The simplest, and yet most overlooked, way of keeping would-be thieves out of your dorm or apartment is to lock your door and close your windows. A surprising amount of students do not feel it necessary to lock their doors when they leave for class. This is usually out of forgetfulness, a false sense of security, or sheer laziness, but no matter the motivation, this behavior will grant thieves easy access to your hard-earned goods. Even when you live in a residence hall equipped with a student access only check-in point, you could fall victim to theft if you leave your door propped open while you run to do your laundry. The unfortunate fact is that even fellow classmates and neighbors may resort to thieving for fast cash. Unless someone is present in the room while you are gone, do not leave your door unlocked. Even then, it is safer to keep it closed. After all, it does not require too much effort to get up and open the door for company when you hear someone knocking!

Something else to keep in mind is that most petty criminals will search for the easiest targets with the most promise of loot. This means that thieves may peer in through windows to see which apartment, dorm, or house has the best assortment of electronics, art, and other sellable things. To deter this, you do not have to hide all of your belongings every time you leave so that your home looks suspiciously barren – instead, all you have to do is close your blinds so that thieves cannot peer into your home in the first place. When it comes to leaving things in your car, however, unless you happen to have car curtains – which don’t come standard with many models – you should take care to hide your text books, laptops, and portable hard drives under gym clothes or something else that is less than enticing.

With some simple precautionary measures, you won’t have to worry about having to apply your criminal justice education to yourself.

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