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Making Technology Work for You

As technology continues to improve, college students seem to be at the forefront of these cutting edge advancements. Take a walk around a college campus and you are bound to see students with the newest laptops, music players, and cell phones on the market. Gone are the days of students using word processors or, gasp, typewriters. It seems that within the past 15 years, the college campus has evolved technologically at a greater speed than anywhere else. While college-aged students have a better grasp of this technology because they grew up with it, the key is for students to use this technology to make them better students.

One area where technology can definitely make a difference is with research. While your library still offers books and journals that you should consult while doing research, the Internet has made so many sources available to students. Consulting online databases can open you up to a world of materials that would never have been available before. However, you need to look at these resources with a discerning eye. Just because something is published does not mean that it fits your research. Speak with a research librarian who can help you better navigate these databases. They can show you where and how to look at these materials in a timely fashion.

Your laptop is not simply the best way for you to keep in touch with friends and download your favorite music. It is an amazing educational tool. It is common for professors to require their students bring their laptops to class. This is a phenomenon of just the past five years. Having access to laptops makes for a more interactive class. Professors can post materials to their own websites and have students work with this material in class instead of having to assign it for homework and then talk about it at the next meeting.

Even your cell phone has a practical use in the classroom. If your phone has Internet access, then you can access information that is useful in the classroom setting. Teachers can conduct informal surveys with cell phones. It is amazing to consider the advancements made over such a short amount of time and how they affect life on a college campus. The one caveat is to make sure that you can balance the proper use of this technology with all of the fun, interesting uses you have for your computers and cell phones.

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