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Showing Gratitude to Those who Help You

It is common for college students to get swept up in the fast-paced lifestyle that comes with attending college. For many students, their four years on campus seem to fly by before they even know it. However, it is important for students to recognize the people that help them along their way. Regardless of who you are, there are people that aid you in these turbulent years. It could be your parents, professors, or friends. Recognizing other people’s efforts designed to help you will make you a better person and more aware of goodwill later on in your life.

It is likely that your parents played a big role in getting you to where you are. They could be helping out with paying your tuition. They might give you some money when your own funds are running low. Remember that they take great pride in your accomplishments and, while they will not ask for recognition, it will make them feel even better about helping you out if you show some. Think back to how they may have helped you in high school through a difficult time or how they helped you with your college applications. They did this because they love you. Take a minute and send your mother a card expressing your gratitude.

Hopefully, you will encounter many great professors during your college experience. It is their job to make sure their students receive a thoughtful and useful education. Many professors go above and beyond their job descriptions. Their office hours are not just the required two hours a week. Many professors meet with students for lunch or spend substantial time after class helping students get through difficult material. At the end of the semester, take a minute to write an email or letter expressing how much you appreciate their efforts to help you succeed in their class.

One of the greatest things about going to college is meeting new friends and classmates. You are all in this boat together. Think about the sleepless nights cramming for a big exam. If you had a friend right there next to you the whole time, recognize how much of a sacrifice they are making as well. One of the simplest gestures you can make is saying "thank you." If you get a test back and you scored better than you could have imagined, think of who helped you. Maybe it was your roommate who made coffee for you all night. Maybe your roommate simply stayed clear of your room for a couple hours so you could study in peace. Thank them for their help. Another reason you should show your gratitude is that it makes you want to return the favor the next time your friend is struggling.

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