Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

The Key to Actually Enjoying Your General Course Requirements

Going over your four-year academic plan with your advisor can be challenging and stressful. There are many major requirements that you must fulfill, and these can be tricky to fit into your schedule because of sequence demands and other scheduling conflicts. In addition, you may find yourself wrestling with the massive order of general course requirements that all degree holders must complete before they can be eligible to graduate. However, before you brush aside those general course requirements as a waste of time because they have nothing at all to do with criminal justice, consider the benefits of completing such courses.

Though general course requirements may have little to nothing to do with the criminal justice field, as they often are more related to English, art, humanities, science, and mathematics courses, they are essential to your college education. After all, when you go to college, you do not want to learn solely about your intended field of study. You also want to learn about various other things and become a more well-rounded individual. General course requirements also help students from getting too deep into their major requirements early on in case they should change their mind about their initial major choice, which happens quite often.

To make the most of your general course requirements, you should learn about something new and seemingly unrelated to your major. You will not always have the opportunity to so easily explore potential new interests, so be sure to use your chances in college wisely. Rather than simply signing up for the easiest classes to fulfill your general requirements, enroll in a class that truly piques your interest. If you have always wanted to learn about different cultures, consider enrolling in an anthropology course to fulfill your humanities requirement. If you have always been curious about theatre, enroll in a drama literature class to fulfill your English requirements. There are a myriad of possibilities and many opportunities for you to discover something new to be passionate about. Your general education classes also allow you to interact with a whole new group of peers. In your major-related classes, you tend to see the same faces over and over again, which can unfortunately become tiring and monotonous. General courses can help you to meet new people and make new connections that could also benefit your career later on.

College is not only about training you for a future occupation. If that were the case, going to a university would be no different than going to a vocational school. Remember that you have the opportunity to explore more than just your career field while you’re a student, so take advantage of those general education requirements.

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