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Volunteering in College

It is easy to get completely wrapped up in your own life when you are in college. Campuses are crawling with self-involved students who think the world revolves around them. The stress of classes and grades, hanging out with friends, and thoughts about the future can dominate your life. It is important to remember that there are people a lot less fortunate than you in the community around your college. This is a time in your life when you can get out in the community and truly make a difference. Talk to your advisor about volunteer opportunities or find a club on campus that makes a commitment to improving the lives of the people that live near your school.

One of the most rewarding types of volunteering comes through mentoring younger children. For some reason they seem to connect with college students in a unique way. It might be because most college students are not too threatening – they still look young. The age gap is not so large and college kids remember how it is to be carefree (many still are). Go to a local elementary school or YMCA and find out if they have any program with which you can get involved. Get involved early in your college career and you might be able to foster a relationship with a particular child or organization for your entire college career.

If you get involved with volunteering in college, there is a good chance it will be a habit that remains with you the rest of your life. While performing charity work should take little motivation aside from the joy found in helping others, there are some other, "selfish" reasons why some might desire to get involved. Volunteering looks excellent on a resume. It shows a prospective employer that you are a compassionate person who cares about the well being of others. That is the type of person they want to hire.

If you stop and think about the people who helped you along the way to get you to where you are, you would want to play a similar role in someone else’s life. Of course, your schedule is jam-packed and you feel like you don’t have a moment to spare. But, think about the difference you could make in someone’s life, young or old, if you gave them an hour or two of your time a week.

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