Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

What to do After Earning a Criminal Justice Degree

So you just walked down the aisle (the graduation aisle that is) to receive your criminal justice degree and now wonder what you got yourself into.  What really can you do with a criminal justice degree?  Fortunately, the answer to this question is not limited nor is it confined to a specific field.  Criminal justice careers have expanded over the past few years to open up a world of opportunities for recent graduates. 

Criminal justice degrees help prepare students for a future in law enforcement and other career opportunities within the criminal justice system.  As a result of new technological advances, the rate of crimes has not exactly increased, but the type of crimes being committed has evolved so that new departments are needed to combat new forms of criminals.   While crimes have remained the same for the most part, the way that crimes are committed has changed and expanded so that departments like the DEA, ATF, and others are now exclusively used for these forms of crimes.  Burglaries are still occurring as they always have, except now we also have more advanced technologies to be able to take more forensic evidence and hopefully capture the criminal.  The many individuals who are now part of a crime scene investigation are one reason criminal justice degree graduates are in such a high demand.

New departments such as the homicide department have specific employees within who typically have backgrounds in criminal justice and understand how criminals are now able to cover their tracks easier and have technological means to track them now.  Using resources such as computer forensics and public records, law enforcement officers are able to apprehend criminals better than ever before.  As a recent criminal justice graduate, you are better equipped to handle the modern trends in law enforcement and understand how everything fits together.  As a result, you are at a better advantage since you have the background, education, and modern understanding of the increasing technologies and can earn a job in nearly any department depending on your specialty.

Additionally, criminal justice degrees do not necessarily confine you into a career solely in law enforcement.  Criminal justice can be applied to many different sections of the business world and are applicable in legal forums, government opportunities, and many other sectors.  As crime continues to occur and criminals evolve with technology and modernity, new departments and employment opportunities for criminal justice students will open up as well, indicating that the criminal justice degree is a viable option for the future. 

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