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You Got a Job! Now Keep It!

Congratulations, you have officially finished the job hunt after being offered the good news. With a contract signed and an official job title under your belt, you may feel inclined to take it easy now. After all, the job hunt was exhausting – you spent hours each day sitting through interviews and dropping off your resumes from job office to job office. Shouldn’t you get a break? However, before you get too comfortable with your newfound employment, remember that even though you have a job now, you still need to take some steps to make sure that you keep it.

The easiest way to show that you are dedicated to your new job is to simply show up on time. When you are a new hire, nothing is more telling of a careless attitude than arriving late. Even if you can manage to get all of your work done despite being chronically 25 minutes late, it is still a sign of respect to show up on time every morning. After all, if all of your coworkers can manage to show up on time, then you can too. Similarly, you also do not want to make it a habit to leave earlier than the official departure time as well, unless you have made prior arrangements with your supervisor. Clocking out earlier implies that you are not completing your work, which is never a good message to send to your employers no matter if you’re a new hire or not.

In addition to showing up, you should also visibly work hard. This means that though you may be able to get all of your assignments completed in between frequent hour-long coffee breaks, you should not do so. Instead, be sure that your coworkers and supervisors actually see you working for most of the day. You should not skip lunches or breaks by any means, but do not spend the entire work day gossiping in the break room because this can send a bad message as well. If you do happen to find your work load insufficient to last you the entire day, do not hesitate to ask for more work. Your supervisors will know that you are diligent and will likely remember you when it comes time to discuss promotions and raises.

With the economy the way it has been recently, it is more important now than ever for you to ensure that you keep your job. Work is hard to come by, as you may have noticed during your hunt for employment. This means that you should not slack off once you are hired.

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